We’re on the cusp of summer, and here in DC, temperatures have just barely emerged from fall-like temps…and immediately ramped up to the 90s.  The UVA and UVB rays have ramped up as well.  What better time to announce Sunscreen Week?

What’s Sunscreen Week?  We and several other bloggers and Instabloggers will be posting all week about sun protection.  Our favorite sunscreens, lessons learned (sometimes painfully), application tips…basically every topic under the sun.  Keke.

And of course, I’ll be urging you all to VOTE for my sunscreen by clicking here.  Only a month left in the campaign and we need every vote to bring my idea for sunscreen balls to life.  SUN’S OUT, BUNS BALLS OUT.

Check in to our blog and Instagram (@beautyandthecat) all week for new posts (May 19-25).

Our furrrriends will be posting all week long, too:

@adoredee / adoredee
@bellanoirbeauty_ / Bella Noir Beauty
@fiddysnails / Fifty Shades of Snail
@littlebitofglow / Little Bit of Glow
@vanity.rex / VanityRex

You can also find us all on Instagram–and join Sunscreen Week yourself–with #nutsforballs (because they’re all nuts for my balls ::grin:: I cannot speak to balls in general).

P.S. Recognize the rotund cat in the donuts playing with sunscreen balls?  ‘Tis our mewse Roxy of course.  Custom crafted by Luxe and the Lady (@luxeandthelady).

About BeautyandtheCat | Angela & Renee

We are a couple of ladies whose obsession with cosmetics (particularly from Asia) has manifested itself into blog form.
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7 Responses to SUNSCREEN WEEK Announcement

  1. stashy says:

    I love your idea of sunscreen balls!!! 😀 Will they actually produce it if it wins?!

    • Yes, they will! If I the voting campaign succeeds, Volition will develop prototypes and send them to me for feedback until we achieve the balls of my dreams. 🙏 And then it will move on to production and sale.

      • stashy says:

        I will literally vote daily for you!!! How can I tell which idea is at the top?

      • Aww, thanks so much! 💛 😽Unfortunately, Volition only counts one vote *per email*. So you can only vote more than once by having more than one email 🤓

        The ideas are not competing with each other. You could actually vote for each one of you wanted. The only goal is to meet the target set for my campaign. Volition set the target at 3,500 votes. I’ve gotten 1,500 so far (yay!) and am just trying to get the remainder. 🤞

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