About: Two Girls, One Cat

Two Not-So-Broke Girls In Search of World’s Most Perfect Un-aging Skin and Grumpiest Cat


  • We got 99 problems and spending-money-on-experimental-beauty-products ain’t one. We have been great pals since the financial crisis (not related to the financial crisis) and started this blog in summer 2014. We don’t compete on any level, except for Miss Roxy‘s affeckshuns.
    • Angela is a lawyer in Washington, DC
    • Renee is in finance in New York, NY
  • We love anthropomorphic kitties and beauty products. We have combined our passion for cosmetics and cats into one obsessive blog.
  • We also post obsessively regularly on Instagram at @beautyandthecat.
  • Roxy the kitty is a beauty consultant. She does not approve of animal testing (and neither does Angela) unless it’s her perfect shade of fuchsia or ruby red lipstick. Find Roxy on Instagram at @indoor_cat.

best-9-2016Bragging rights:

  • We have pretty darn good skin and make up.
  • We have experience in the beauty industry (beauty pageants, salon ownership, experimenting on our passed-out friends, etc.).
  • We have gotten hit on by at least several homeless men.

Skin Profiles:

  • Angela has dry, dehydrated skin and is a MAC NC15/Korean cushion shade #21 (normal skin and NC20/#23 in the summer).  She uses a Curology prescription of 0.09% tretinoin, 1% clindamycin, and 5% azelaic acid to control acne and stave off the ravages of time.
  • Renee has combination skin. Her shade is Chanel 40Beige/NC35/Sephora Color IQ2Y08/Fitzpatrick scale Type IV/off the charts in Korean cushions. She is allergic to chemical sunscreens and about 35+ other ingredients. She’s also peppered with freckles. She once got a pimple.

Blah Blah Disclaimer:

  • We occasionally get requests to demo or test products from product sponsors. This means the product is free in exchange for an honest opinion. In no way does this alter our true opinion of the product. Any sponsored products are noted as such.
  • Your response to any of the products reviewed will vary. You are a unique snowflake. If we recommend something and it sucks, we are sorry. If we dissuade you from something that you later find out is holy grail, we are sorry. Renee will think about spending the rest of her life making it up to you and your children.
  • We’ve begun saving our picks at amazon.com/shop/beautyandthecat. Shopping via the link may earn us a teeny commission and does not cost you anything extra.

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  1. Hi! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award (an award that encourages starter writers to write!). Please check out my blog for the post where I have the questions and the rules! Have a lovely day! x (ugnesbeauty.com)

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