Muzi-c to My Ears: The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Baby Mild Sun Cream

While frolicking with Angela in Flushing, Queens, in July, we came across The Face Shop which had the ENTIRE line of The Face Shop x KaKao Friends collection. Not one to hesitate at grabbing ANYTHING cyyyute and yellow, I was immediately drawn to the below.

And yes, I am posting something I saw in July for TWO reasons: I spent July-September in Europe with crappy wi-fi. And I just actually finished the entire tube of this, so the experiment is complete.

Behold The Face Shop x Muzi Natural Sun Eco Baby Mild Sun Cream

This sun cream is something very special because it is mineral-based and doesn’t contain one out of the 35 ingredients to which I am severely allergic. Chemical sunscreens have advantages, because they offer more coverage and tend to be more lightweight. Finding a mineral/physical sunscreen that doesn’t turn you into a shade of Oompa Loompa can be a challenge. It’s not just branding or price that you can rely on.

Below is the ingredient list, which I thoroughly read. The Asian in me is usually skeptical of Asian sunscreens because they tend to be very chemical-laden, even as the Asian brands tend to market themselves as ‘natural.’ And even ‘baby’ sunscreen can contain crazy chemical stuff (I’m looking at you, Coppertone.)

So after my victory dance, I happily slathered this. ALL. OVER. At every beach opportunity. It was pretty light and applied smoothly. It didn’t give off that white-gray-purple tint all over skin. It was easy to rub in. Buuuuut….it’s pretty drying. My hands felt like I needed lotion after the application. I guess it’s all the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. After all, they are minerals. It’s an ok trade off for good coverage of SPF30+ and no allergens.

For a tiny 50mL tube it sure went a long way. I spent 2-3 pool parties and a week in Chania, Greece with it. Of course this required squeezing out every last drop and cutting the tube open.

Even after the Muzi collab is over, I would purrrrchase with regular ol’ The Face Shop packaging.

And errrrrmmm……yeah this was my back when I didn’t properly apply the sunscreen UNDERNEATH the bikini straps =( Looks like a bridge of some sort.


Lightweight and easy to apply for a mineral sunscreen, super cute packaging, convenient tube format, non-greasy feel


Kinda expensive for 50mL at $20 so it’s probably not structured to be used liberally all over the body like I did.

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Sweet Cheese-us: TonyMoly Wonder Cheese Firming Cream Review

TonyMoly Wonder Cheese: Because it’s a wonder that this isn’t cheesy at all.

And thank goodness! Instead it smells like the yummiest vanilla confetti cake. The scent is strong but fades in minutes unless you’re really sniffing.

Not cream cheese but cheese cream.

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A Bunch of Grapes: 5 Purple Eyeliners

01 Best Purple EyelinerNext to a bright lip, colored eyeliner is my favorite way to party up my look.  With my hooded lids, the color is just a flash whenever I blink or look down.

I love the color purple (not the movie, although that was good, too), so I’ve amassed a small collection of purple eyeliners (incl. one from Korean brand Touch in Sol).  Here they are, starting with my most to least favorite:

  1. NYX Vivid Blossom ($7; liquid)
  2. Stila Royal ($22 if you can find this discontinued gem; liquid)
  3. Tarte Fairy Wings ($21; gel)
  4. Ardency Inn Lilac ($20; pencil)
  5. Touch in Sol Galactic Girl ($16; pencil)

First, swatch heaven:

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Size Matters: Nügg Face Mask Review-Exfoliating, Soothing, Hydrating

Spotted at Selfridges

Jeopardy trivia: 40 Nugs is Chrissy Teigen’s rap name and she threw the first pitch at a Dodgers game wearing a 40 Nugz jersey. (She is hilarious btw–the only reason I stayed on Twitter as long as I did.)

Let’s talk about size matters, i.e., matters of size. (What, you thought I was making a juvenile joke on this classy blog?)

How many times have you found in your stash a full container of face mask that was used only twice in the last 6 months? Well Nügg sent us several of their single-serving* mask pods to try, and I never thought I’d say this but…smaller is better. (OK, that was the juvenile joke.)

*More like double and triple serving! There’s seriously a lot in there.

In this case, the tiny size makes them perfect for:

  • the infrequent masker
  • the germophobe (“fresh” mask each time)
  • traveling
  • sharing with friends

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Peach & Lily Sample Sale-August 24, 2016

Will you be in NY on Wed. August 24, 2016? Then drop everything and get yourself to the 2nd Annual Peach & Lily Sample Sale!

We’re bummed to have to miss it (we’ll both be in London doing non-Kbeauty shopping!), but how awesome is it that Peach & Lily is making it an annual event. Yahoooo!

Read Renee’s account of last year’s sample sale to prepare.  I’m still working through my haul from last year!


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