Dude, Where’s My Pharma? – Brief Recap of City Pharma in Paris

This post is oh…a few months late…we’d been too busy basking in the full glory of ALL. THE. PRODUCTS gotten for cheap cheap in Paris. The ground floor of Selfridges in London wasn’t bad either, but I may save it for another post.

Behold a pic of Angela (who previously reviewed City Pharma but HAD to come back for MOAR) contemplating Caudalie for breakfast. Pictures ARE NOT allowed in City Pharma. Ahem.

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Sweet’N Low (pH): Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential Review

Business Apeach not included.

This is a quick and lazy review. Why? Because I’ve basically already reviewed ::inhales deeply:: Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential ::exhales:: in its previous incarnation: Black Sugar Perfect First Serum No. 1 Original, reviewed here.

Down to the scent, consistency, and effects–I seriously can’t tell the difference other than the bottle being smaller than I remembered. The amount, 120 ml, is the same though.

A little background: Sometime after I reviewed the original one, Skinfood discontinued it and released 2 new versions: 2X Light for oily skin and 2X Essential for dry skin.  Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Kitties: How Roxy Opened This Hooman’s Heart

Angela here.  You all know the long, tortured story of my unrequited love for Renee’s cat and our blog mascot, Roxy.  For as long as I’ve known her, she’s only had eyes for maman–and only hisses for me.


*Not* me.

I chalked it up to my drooling eagerness and my inexperience around animals.  Surely she smelled the fear of rejection emanating from my (sheet-masked and glowing) skin and dismissed me as a useless HOOMAN.  Whenever I visited Renee in NY, I kept my distance from Roxy, resigned to being ignored or–if I was lucky–swiped at.


Still not me.


Then Roxy came to live with me for two months while Renee gallivanted in London for work.  This post is called A Tale (Tail?) of Two Kitties because there’s the Roxy I thought I knew before and the Roxy I know now.❤ Continue reading

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Low pHat Cream: Low pH Cleansers by Earth Science Naturals and Paula’s Choice-Review and Demo


Maximizing the cat cameos before I have to relinquish Roxy to Renee

Looking for a gentle and foaming cream cleanser?  I’ve been alternating between two great options from Earth Science Naturals and Paula’s Choice lately–both with a low pH between 5.0 and 6.0.  (I can’t bring myself to say 5.5 because my strips aren’t that precise, but definitely above 5.0 and below 6.0.) Continue reading

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Necks and the City: purpletale Once Upon a Neck Cream Review


Let’s talk about necks, ba-by! Let’s talk about you and me.  -Salt-N-Pepa

I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out when I say that most people overlook theirs. Not enough moisture or anti-aging ingredients, and too many lines from looking down at your phone for Neko Atsume updates.  (When will I spot Guy Furry?!)

Well, purpletale’s neck cream may be just what giraffe-ter. Continue reading

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