An Exercise in Fruitility? Saborino Morning Mask Review – Pomegranate & Mixed Berry

A sheet mask that works in 60 seconds? I can feel your eyes rolling to the side.

If you’ve kept in the Jbeauty (fruit) loop, then you’ve probably noticed the Saborino Morning Mask. People have gone bananas for it judging by the line’s expansion into a gazillion different flavors, night masks, and skin care. They usually come in wet-wipe packaging with about 30 masks. Tbh, those Costco-worthy packages get tedious to work through, so I always resisted trying them until I spotted this more ap-peeling pack of just 5.

“Skinfood.” No frootz were harmed in the making of this picture. These are honeydew and peach cleansing balms and banana sleeping mask.

Bonus: it was on sale for $5 at Marukai (a Japanese market) in LA. Berry good deal because $1 per sheet is the max I’m willing to spend on a mask that’s meant to only stay on for 60 seconds! Online, you can find this at Yamibuy ($6) and Kirei Station ($12). Of course, the Costco size is a better value.

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This particular flavor is variously called “Pomegranate & Mixed Berry,” “Mixed Berries,” or “Ripe Fruit High Moisture Type” on English sites.

Saborino Morning Mask Review

Directions: Use in the morning. Stretch the sheet over your face.  Leave on for 60 seconds.  When it’s time to remove, use it like a face wipe to wipe your face clean. (Pro #justthetip: You can use any sheet mask like a face wipe once you’re done with it. I like to swipe onto my neck and chest.)

These masks were a fruitful use of my limited time getting ready for work. They can act as three steps: cleanser, toner (the wiping action takes off dry flakes, the same way that swiping on toner would), and light (very light) serum.

And the best part? No drippy excess essence to delay moving right onto the rest of your skincare or to add a squishy film under your makeup.

Although they can take the place of your usual cleansing, I can’t get over not washing with water. So I enjoyed them for speed-masking after a quick cleanse with a foaming cleanser (low pH, duh). Sometimes I slapped a silicone mask cover on top and jumped into the shower.

They definitely stay wet for longer than 60 seconds–I’ve kept them on for 10 minutes–but honestly, I’m not sure there’s a huge benefit to keeping it on for longer.

Because they’re not dripping, it’s not as if keeping one on longer will press much more essence into your skin. And don’t expect the plumping you’d get from a regular sheet mask. OTOH, you don’t feel wasteful for tossing the mask so soon.

The scent is a perky mix of raspberry and menthol, and the menthol creates a cooling sensation to wake you up. If I were to repurchase, I’d pick another flavor though because the overall effect reminded me of cold syrup.

But I don’t plan to repurchase because even though they’re useful, they just remind me why I don’t buy sheet masks in bulk. It took me 3 weeks just to work through this pack. Seeing that bag every morning was like a needle in my side.

Saborino Morning Mask Ingredients – Pomegranate & Mixed Berry

Pros: Good for a speed-cleanse/mask in the morning. Hydrates without excess residue.

Cons: Kinda pricey if used every day. Not nearly as plumping as a regular sheet mask. Somewhat thick, coarse fabric and very smol face holes.

4 Replies to “An Exercise in Fruitility? Saborino Morning Mask Review – Pomegranate & Mixed Berry”

  1. a lot of the masks in a bag like are pretty rough and not very wet. BUT one of my favorites is melano CC masks – rough, horrible fit, kinda dry – but omg, it brightened my face like crazy (it was in tub, btw). I still purchase masks in a bag as they are a bit more eco friendly. I wish the sheet mask material was better though.

  2. I have been getting into mask packs in a bag. The fits is usually dreadful on me, but there are so many great options at my local H-Mart with 30+ masks in a bag. It makes me feel a bit better about trying to reduce my packaging waste.

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