Dior Di-throned: Perfect Formula Ruby Pink Gel Coat Review & Swatches

I just named Perfect Formula Ruby Pink Gel Coat as one of my furvorite products of 2018. But it deserves more than just a brief mention. I have to hand it to Perfect Formula for nailing it as a Dior Nail Glow dupe. My digits dig it!

For more than 5 years, Dior Nail Glow was my go-to for Gude nails (i.e., lazy and easy). I raved about it in my review. Naturally, I tried to look for cheaper dupes because $28 for pinkish clear polish is as crazy as expecting Roxy to pass up wet foodz.

But my search was futile. Too pink, not pink enough…In fact, I’d tried the original Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat and was disappointed. It was a paler pink and overdid the cool blue tones (which color-correct yellowness), so my nails looked undead in certain lighting.

Flash forward several years: Perfect Formula releases a RUBY PINK version. *cue swoons*

Dior Nail Glow Dupe? Perfect Formula Ruby Pink Gel Coat Swatches

To check for “dupe-ness,” I painted my nails with both polishes, alternating between Dior and Perfect Formula on each finger. Can you spot a difference?

Tbh I’ve forgotten which polish is on which finger. The point is clear (pink) though: they’re indistinguishable once applied.

think my ring and index fingers are Dior, just judging by how thick and bubbled the polish is on the ring finger. Because my bottle of Dior had thickened and run low, I remember globbing it on.

Perfect Formula Ruby Pink Gel Coat Review & Comparison to Dior Nail Glow

Welp, Perfect Formula looks just like Dior on the nails. But how about other aspects?

  • Value: Although PF is slightly more expensive ($30 vs. Dior’s $28), PF is a much better value because it contains almost twice as much polish (0.6 oz. vs. Dior’s 0.33 oz). Also, Dior gets gloopy about 2/3rds of the way through the bottle. PF stays pretty fluid for the whole bottle even though it contains way more product, meaning more of it is usable before needing polish thinner.
  • Ease of Use: Dior has the better brush. It’s wider and curved at the sides to better fit nails. PF, on the other hand (haha!), has a super-long brush stem that holds onto too much polish, resulting in globs sliding down the stem after you’ve just finished painting a nail. Grrr…
  • Durability: Both last about 4 days before showing wear at the tips and cuticles. Both can also start to fade and look yellower/less pink after 4-5 days. I suspect sun/UV exposure hastens the color loss.

  • Consistency: PF is just slightly cushier/more gel-ish. But both polishes apply easily and evenly and dry quickly.
  • Extra Benefits: PF actually makes nails stronger with keratin and I’ve gotten fewer hangnails since making the switch. Dior is purely cosmetic.

The clear winner? Perfect Formula Ruby Pink! Two painted thumbs up!

3 Replies to “Dior Di-throned: Perfect Formula Ruby Pink Gel Coat Review & Swatches”

  1. Oh I just adore the perfect formula. My nails are looking so good and no more hangnails etc. PF is awesome.

    I do however have a tip for you. ALWAYS keep your nail polish in the fridge. It extends the life of the polish. It never goes gloopy. It dries so much faster when applied and in turn does last longer on the nail. I never leave my polish out NEVER. so trust me on this . . Keep it in your fridge.

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