The Glow Yup: Review & Swatches of Chaos Kaleidoscope, Force, and Nebula Highlighters

Indie brand Chaos Makeup is well known for its iridescent Kaleidoscope Rainbow Highlighter. Drawn in by Kaleidoscope, I–naturally–added two purple highlighters, Force and Nebula, to my order as well. These formulas are marked by being “glitter free,” 100% pigments, and smooth and dewy as opposed to sparkly/metallic.

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Each highlighter comes in a translucent pink seashell if you select the 36mm option. (They also come in 26mm pans.) Very ‘grammable, although I wish the thin plastic shells closed more securely. The glue on one pan also loosened pretty quickly, so the pan will fall out unless I’m very careful.

Review & Swatches: Chaos Kaleidoscope, Force, and Nebula Highlighters

In sunlight
Indoors with flash

Chaos Kaleidoscope ($26) is iridescent: colorless at one angle and pastel rainbow at another. BEAUTIFUL. STUNNING. *crying emoji* This is as refined as a rainbow highlighter can get. Better swatches of the intensity and gradient are on Chaos’s Instagram.

It beats Devinah Suspiria ($18), another iridescent rainbow highlighter, because Kaleidoscope’s shine is extremely smooth whereas the green and yellow in Suspiria have chunky shimmers.

Kaleidocope’s 36mm pan is also just the right size for all the shades to show on the upper cheekbone. The Fenty 120 Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush ($32) fits it perfectly. (It’s the pale pink brush in the photos; I love it so much that I have two!) At the time I bought Suspiria, only a 57mm pan was available, meaning that only about 3 shades show on the upper cheekbone. If I want the full rainbow, I have to practically paint my entire cheek.

From nearly invisible to BAM!

Chaos Force ($18 for 36mm pan) comprises the violet shade in Kaleidoscope, so of course I needed a full pan of just this. In a flash, it goes from colorless to glowing galactic purple.

Chaos Nebula ($18 for 36mm pan) is a duochrome described as “gorgeous beige to violet/blue color.” Unfortunately, on my NC15-NC20 skintone with strong yellow tones, Nebula looks too icy. It shows up as white-to-ice-lilac, so I haven’t been using it on my cheeks. Instead, I use it on my eyes for a dramatic inner corner highlight.

Pros: Beautiful shades with smooth finishes. Purrrty packaging.

Cons: Shipping can take a while (mine took 4 weeks). Packaging and pan glue are not super-secure.

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