Rox in the times of Corona

We haven’t posted here in awhile, but like those zombies in the post apocalyptic world that we’re hurling towards, Angela, Rox, and I (Renee) keep on truckin’ at a glacial pace baby.

Admittedly, I have had to handle some fiscal & household responsibilities that made me feel very very pitiful for me-self. Wallowing in self-pity while blaming the epidemic and binging on trรจs leches cake from Whole Foods was pretty satisfying for a few months. But even the deepest depths of my wallows cannot block out the heart-melting warmth of Roxy’s teenie paw reaching for a snack request. Those piercing green eyes and their cold, stoic, persistent dissatisfaction transmit the message that yes, we must endure, because meal time is 5 times a day now for the Cat Kween herself ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ˜ผ

So what we been up to? Fking NOT MUCH! Are people “up” to stuff that I don’t know about during a world pandemic? Because I’d like to know how to get there.

However, thanks to formative years as a refugee and outcast, I’ve cultivated a rich inner life. Rox and I have been lounging, reading, making art, doing youtube workouts, re-strategizing our makeup & beauty routine, and dreaming of other ways beside an Italy trip to out-smug Angela.

In lieu of beauty products, I offer here a photoshoot of our matching outfit and accessory (not ad sponsored, but lovely gifts from my employer). What better way to spend time with that tiny fur-wrapped part of your soul than to #twinning and lewkin gude together?! It’s a good time to just be.

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