Win or Lu-lu-lose: LuLuLun Sheet Mask Review – Premium Hokkaido Edition

LuLuLun sheet masks are a staple at many a Japanese beauty shop.  They’re the first bulk sheet masks that I recall seeing and come in resealable bags and boxes, big and small.  I bought a bag containing 7 sheets in 80 ml of essence.

01 Premium LuLuLun Sheet Mask Hokkaido ReviewAfter some extensive investigation (i.e., Googling), I learned that this is the special edition LuLuLun Premium Hokkaido version (Japanese MSRP ¥ 1,700 (~$15 USD) for 7 masks x 5 bags).  The labeling is almost entirely in Japanese, so initially I didn’t know which version I had.  What marks this as the Hokkaido one are the tiara made up of stars at the top and the silver packaging (some stock photos make it appear light lavender, but it’s silver) .

According to LuLuLun’s product page, as translated by Google Chrome, the ingredients are:

Water, glycerin, propanediol, polyquaternium -51, betaine, Lonicera frog rare juice, hydrolyzed pearl barley seed, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, xanthan gum, citric acid, citric acid Na, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, perfume, BG *

* It will be included as an additive of plant extracts

Don’t be alarmed by the lost-in-translation “Lonicera frog rare juice.”  The copy at the top of the page refers to “Lonicera caerulea,” a blue-berried honeysuckle also known as haskap, and there’s a picture of the plant as well.  (Which is all for the better because, unlike Renee, I don’t salivate at the sound of “frog rare juice.”)

The same translated product page says that the package expires 80 days after opening and advises using as soon as possible after opening.

04 Premium LuLuLun Sheet Mask Hokkaido ReviewOnce you rip off the top and undo the Ziploc seal, you’ll find the 7 sheets folded and stacked tightly against one another.  It’s tricky to pull one out because the thin fabric can tear.  There may or may not have been some accidents while using these in a rush…ahem.

02 Premium LuLuLun Sheet Mask Hokkaido Review Having used the Clear Turn Essence Masks that come in bulk in a tub–more of a toner-soaked sheet than a true essence-soaked sheet mask–I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect of the LuLuLun.  I’m happy to report that the LuLuLun are just like normal sheet masks–just packaged in bulk.

The fabric is translucent and very clingy, staying on my face without the need for a Daiso mask cover.  There were no drips and it’s sized well for my small face.  Slits around the edges and eye flaps are pre-cut and just require some gentle ripping to fully undo them.  They’re also lavender scented–lightly scented but still enough for my bad nose to notice.  The scent lingers the whole time the mask is on.  (I’m not a fan of lavender, but I’m in the minority.)

03 Premium LuLuLun Sheet Mask Hokkaido ReviewAfter using a mask for 10-20 minutes, my skin is left plumped and hydrated, i.e., standard good results.  It’s not on par with really great masks by My Beauty Diary or My Scheming, which stay wet for 40+ minutes and make skin slightly translucent, but it beats Lovemore and I don’t feel guilty tossing it after 10 minutes.

Despite all this, I won’t repurchase these masks or any other bulk masks.  If I’m honest with myself, I just don’t sheet mask often enough.  I actually opened the bag on a 10-day vacation with the ambitious goal of using it up during the trip.  Instead, I didn’t use the last mask until more than 3 months later.  Three months for 7 masks.  Yeeeeah no.

The one good thing about taking that long is that I can confirm that the masks don’t go dry.  Even after the 80-day expiration period.  The last mask was just as wet as the first.

If you’re a frequent masker and would use up bulk sheet masks, LuLuLun is a great choice.  It’s what Bizarro World me–the one with perfect skincare habits–would use as a daily mask because of its good value.

Pros: Clingy and well-soaked sheet masks.  Uses less packaging than individually packaged masks.  Lasts months without going bad or losing wetness.  Cheap per-mask cost (Imomoko offers the bag of 7 for $5).

Cons: Feelings of guilt when you get bored with them and take forever to use them up.  Essence can leak out if not stored carefully (I put the whole bag into a Ziploc after essence leaked out while getting tossed around in my carry-on).

P.S. To learn more about the various versions, the blog starryskin walks through the different versions here and here.

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