Win or Lu-lu-lose: LuLuLun Sheet Mask Review – Premium Hokkaido Edition

LuLuLun sheet masks are a staple at many a Japanese beauty shop.  They’re the first bulk sheet masks that I recall seeing and come in resealable bags and boxes, big and small.  I bought a bag containing 7 sheets in 80 ml of essence.

01 Premium LuLuLun Sheet Mask Hokkaido ReviewAfter some extensive investigation (i.e., Googling), I learned that this is the special edition LuLuLun Premium Hokkaido version (Japanese MSRP ¥ 1,700 (~$15 USD) for 7 masks x 5 bags).  The labeling is almost entirely in Japanese, so initially I didn’t know which version I had.  What marks this as the Hokkaido one are the tiara made up of stars at the top and the silver packaging (some stock photos make it appear light lavender, but it’s silver) .

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