Neither Hair Nor There: Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow in 06 / #1 Babyface Hairline Review + Swatches

01 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow 06 Review
The end of Mr. Baldy?
I was nearly ready to pronounce this HG after one use.  Now that I’ve used it a few times more, I’m positive that it’s HG.  The Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow is one of those Things I Didn’t Know I Couldn’t Live Without.

Here’s my hairy situation: I’ve always had (in Korean beauty terms) an M hairline rather than a U hairline, i.e., my hair’s very thin above the temples.  It’s most apparent whenever I pull my hair back, but you can see it even when I part my hair deeply to the side and it just sort of throws my face out of balance.

A U hairline is illustrated by these celebs’ looks–looks that I can’t achieve without a little cosmetic boost.  Faux fur if you will.02 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow 06 Review

I’m telling myself that they all used hair shadow to make myself feel better.

I love the Pang Pang Hair Shadow because (1) now I know I’m not alone in having an M hairline and (2) the fuss-free compact creates a U hairline easily.

The compact’s divided into two parts: the top level has the hair shadow (the size of a big eyeshadow pan), and the bottom level pops off to reveal a fuzzy applicator puff.03 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow 06 ReviewDirections: Stamp the applicator into the product and then stamp along sparse spots on the scalp.  Only apply to areas that have some hair growth lest you turn into Jake Gyllenhaal.  Re-apply as needed to darken the color.  I usually do 2-3 layers and apply whenever I’m wearing my hair up and sometimes even when it’s down.

Check it out–from bare to hair:

05 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow Before AfterThis next photo shows it applied on both sides of my scalp.

06 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow AfterI have shade 06, a dark black-brown and the darkest of the three shades available.  Aug. 2017 update: Shade #6 has been renamed #1 Babyface Hairline. I swatched it at Aritaum and can confirm that #1 is the same as #6. Even though my hair’s quite a bit lighter and warmer in sunlight, it looks plain dark brown in most lights and so I went with 06 instead of the lighter 07 or warmer 08.  06 is a great match.

There are actually similar products out there.  I already had the Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow & Hair Powder in Grey ($25), which I’ve used for both brows and the hairline, but it’s a bit light in color and pigmentation to do the job well although it is better than nothing.

Hair’s Tarte swatched alongside Mamonde.  Tarte is a warm gray with a satin finish whereas Mamonde is a matte black-brown.  Mamonde is much more pigmented although it’s never quite opaque on my scalp no matter how many layers I apply.  Opaque would look a little unnatural anyway.07 Tarte Grey Compare Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow 06 SwatchOther options (which I haven’t tried) are Oscar Blandi Pronto Hair Shadow ($29) and Madison Reed Root Touch Up ($30).  And of course, in theory, any pigmented powder could work.  Update: Some K-beauty options are The Saem Silk Hair Style Fix One Minute Shadow in identical packaging, The Face Shop Quick Hair Puff (hat tip to Kinseng’s awesome Korean beauty news updates), and, if you’re OK with a cream formula, The Face Shop Quick Hair Shadow.

Why do I love using a hair shadow over an eyeshadow or contour powder and why specifically the Mamonde hair shadow?

First, unlike a product designed for other parts of the face, a hair shadow mimics the color of hair–not a contour.  Although contouring around my temples with taupe powder or bronzer helps to minimize my forehead and the contrast between my forehead and hairline, it doesn’t actually disguise my hairline. Again, this is very apparent when my hair is pulled back.

Second, the lasting power on unprimed skin is excellent.  It fades a bit over the course of the day but doesn’t entirely disappear.  Even the day after, enough color remains that the impression of having a U-hairline still remains, making a touchup optional.  I even tested this during a sweaty workout, and while the color faded a bit, it never ran down my forehead like spray-on hair might.  (Of course I was careful to avoid touching the area and my sweat glow ran in beads rather than rivers.)

Third, the Mamonde in particular is HG because it’s housed in its own self-sufficient compact.  I don’t need to worry that I’ll accidentally use a brush that’s touched my oily scalp on my face.  I’m also able to store this in my desk for impromptu touchups.  And the dense, firm puff makes quick work of building up the color.

Fourth, the Mamonde is cheaper than the non-Korean options: about $15 regular price on Jolse.

04 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow 06 ReviewSo what are you waiting for?  Get it already.  You could even say it’s… made for U!  Bahahaha, I’ll show myself out now.

Pros: Easy to use and looks natural.  Compact enough to carry anywhere.  Fades naturally.  I’ll never be without it from hair on out!

Cons: Limited colors. Hair today, gone tomorrow 😦

Update June 2016: This post is my entry to AB See, an Asian beauty link party hosted by us and other AB bloggers, for the theme of “New” because hair shadow’s a brand new product category that I just discovered in K-beauty.

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23 Replies to “Neither Hair Nor There: Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow in 06 / #1 Babyface Hairline Review + Swatches”

  1. The stickers made me LOL! My “hairy” situation is similar to yours and I’ve always been a little self-conscious to put my hair up in a bun or ponytail in public because I didn’t really like my hairline. I’ve heard a lot about these hairline powders from Korea. I think it’s time for me to try some out. 🙂

  2. And I thought only headbands could Save me! The M shape is exactly the word for my hairline (that I have threaded off in the places it very Nicely crosses the line on to my face in the form of thick peach fuzz!)

  3. I really hope they come up with more color options. I have black hair, and my hair line is thinning a lot from the past couple of years. Great review by the way! Loved the stickers on pics. Made me chuckle 🙂

    1. ::sobs in sympathy:: eBay may have some 06s left (albeit for a little more than Jolse charges). Also I’ve used dark eye shadow before and it works okay (seems to fade faster and, er, definitely don’t use shimmery ones. Made that mistake before!).

  4. Oooh, when I first spied this at Aritaum, I was mostly just shrugging because I had no idea what to do with it! But now that I look at your before-and-after picture – I’ve got the exact same hair situation going on! Didn’t notice last year because bangs, but now it’s painfully obvious, especially when I do ponytails. I’ll so be grabbing this (Mamonde is ❤ anyway), thank you for the review! 😀

  5. I never realized until now the reason I really dislike my face and hair without bangs is because I have an M hairline. This is my introduction to hair powders, I should get one now! xD

  6. I had no idea there was something called the U hairline but now I know I don’t have it and that I need the Mamonde hair shadow haha. The insatiable need to get products we didn’t know we neededis the essence of Asian Beauty.

  7. Ok, I need this product in my life, because thinning hair is one of the many woes I’m facing as I creep closer to the big 3-0 T_T. It’s weird that the Tarte hair powder is shiny in the sunlight. I imagine it would look weird if a patch of your hair suddenly started glistening like that (unless you have super shiny hair)?

    1. The Face Shop design is loose powder in a shaker, but I’ve never had good luck with those kinds of dispensers. Too imprecise and messy. Sooooo…I just have three of the Mamonde now 😀

  8. I had never seen this stuff before I moved to Korea and I’m still amazed by it! I doubt I will try it out as a blonde – they don’t seem to cater to lighter hair colours – but it’s still such a novel idea!

    1. I love that this is an actual normal product in Korea. The root powders by Western companies (like Madison Reed) come in blonde and I’m curious how they look as a scalp powder.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t have the English ingredients. Here is how an Amazon seller described the ingredients: “talc,iron oxides (ci 77499),mica (ci 77019),phenyl trimethicone,polymethyl methacrylate,polyethylene,ptfe,iron oxides (ci 77492),iron oxides (ci 77491),triethoxycaprylylsilane,dimethicone,rosa canina fruit oil,phenoxyethanol,caprylyl glycol,hexylene glycol.”

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