Purrrrple Mane Purrple Mane – Dyeing (and Keeping) Asian Hair Platinum Blonde

To start the new-ish 2018 year, I decided to lighten up. REALLY lighten up. So I went from ombre brownish gold to just…blonde. As in Khaleesi blonde. As Asian hair sucks ass to color, and doesn’t retain the color, I sat in a salon chair from 2:30PM-8:30PM. Below is a “BEFORE” of my brassy balayage/ombre ‘do.

As my parents have owned beauty salons for over 10 years, I came in with realistic expectations. To turn brown into light blonde, especially closer to the roots, you have to color for hours and hours. First hair is bleached, slowly, then the blonde shade is applied. It is NOT single processing. Often during processing, the hair color comes out in patches and super uneven. If the developer is too strong, your hair will be super brittle. If it’s too weak, it won’t lift the shades light enough.

I went to an Asian hair salon (Hair Philosophy @hairphilosophynyc) and relied on my fabulous & talented Effie Lei (@hair_by_effie) (please don’t poach her and book up all my appointments m*f*ckers!).

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Worth It? Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron – Review & Comparison to Crimper and Voloom Petite

Life. Changing.

I don’t say that lightly. But as someone with straight and slippery hair that could barely be teased after 15 mins of backcombing and hair spraying by a wedding hairdresser, that’s the truth. If I lost this $130 tool, I’d immediately order a new one. And yes, I paid for both the original and petite versions. JAN. 2019 UPDATE: I’ve since bought and tried the Rootie version as well. It’s too subtle without getting any closer to roots, so it just ended up taking longer to achieve the same amount of volume. Of the three versions/sizes of Voloom, my fave is still Voloom Petite.

This post will sound like a paid ad for Voloom (“Turn the volume up to 11!!”), but it’s not. (I *wish* we got commission for all the people we’ve converted.) I’m just obsessed with it because IT WORKS and IT’S EASY. Ever since Renee introduced me to this, I’ve used this regularly and often. And both of us named this one of our 2016 furvorites.
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Happy Mew Year! – A Recap of 2016 Furrrvorites

A lot of bad shit happened in 2016. Like, furrreal. But a lot of good shit happened too. As we bid adieu to 2016 and its poopoo platter, please remember more strongly the things that brought us happiness. Such as:

  • This catman who gives a cat a bath WHILE rapping. Is he a wizard? A rapper? A w-rapper?
  • New technology in genetics means we are SO CLOSE to the fountain of youth, or Gattaca or Sharktopus, please thank you.
  • Angela and Renee got to gallivant in England and France and hoarded stuphs!
  • Also, any year spent in the company of healthy loved ones, including Miss Roxy, can be considered a good year.

Here we are on a Manhattan rooftop wishing you a Happy 2017! May this year be the right time for your endeavors to be met with success and all your wishes to finally arrive!

Other stuphs that brought Angela and I much happiness in 2016:

Our Beauty Favorites Roundup for 2016

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All Tressed Up: Function of Beauty Review-Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner

Function of Beauty is a new company specializing in personalized shampoo and conditioner, customized to your hair type, goals, and tastes.  We now have customized prescription skincare and customized K-beauty boxes, so why not haircare?  When Function of Beauty offered us a complimentary set to try, I excitedly agreed to give it a go.

01 Function of Beauty Review

The premise is simple: describe your hair type and pick the qualities you seek in a shampoo and conditioner (effects, scent, and color), and in a few days, receive the bottles in the mail.

As far as personalized beauty products go, Function of Beauty is a steal.  $26 for a custom shampoo & conditioner set (8 oz. ea.) with free U.S. shipping?  Yes please!  Jan. 2018 Update: It’s now $36 for a set.  Definitely a splurge, but we’d still repurchase.
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Heaven on Earthscience: Ceramide Care Shampoos from Earth Science Naturals

The health food store called Westerly on 8th Avenue takes your whole paycheck with just one aisle of its organic, hand grown, hand raised, stroked, massaged and coddled products, and that’s just the lettuce. However, I go during lunch time anyway becase there’s actually NOTHING good to eat sometimes in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. True story.

On a whim, I once picked up Earth Science Naturals skin tonic spray. The good people of Earth Science Naturals saw this and noticed. Kristen and the Earthscience Naturals Team sent us a ginormous box of their new Ceramide Care shampoos and conditioners to try. I received a massive box of 8 full sized shampoos and conditioners to the questioning looks of my boss.

Behold one of the Ceramide Care Shampoo & Conditioner sets:


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Get Buzzed – Honeycé Juicy Spa shampo, conditioner, and treatment

If you can bee-lieve it, I’d (Renee) been super beesy hitting the icy East coast slopes to try and ride my snowboard and Angela has been keeping the blog alive….or shall I say ahive? Kakakaka. T’is good to have a partner ain’t it? Anybody wanna guest post?

So since I keep my hair in a long braid out, it has been super fried from the ice, especially when gravity drags me head first down the mountain. HAD to bust out this gaw-geous set that I picked up from Ichimi Cosme.

Behold the Honeyce Juicy Spa line:

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2015 Furvorites

If you notice something funny about my (Renee’s) lips, you’re right. It’s swollen AF after a Restylane injection. Because vanity. Moar on that in later post.

Our first full year of blogging is almost at an end. At the end of last year, we toasted to many more beauty-filled meowments, festive felines, and bad cat puns in 2015. We can confidently say “check, check, and CHECK” to them all.  See?

Now here are our furvorites that made 2015 a little purrrettier.
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Neither Hair Nor There: Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow in 06 / #1 Babyface Hairline Review + Swatches

01 Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow 06 Review
The end of Mr. Baldy?
I was nearly ready to pronounce this HG after one use.  Now that I’ve used it a few times more, I’m positive that it’s HG.  The Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow is one of those Things I Didn’t Know I Couldn’t Live Without.

Here’s my hairy situation: I’ve always had (in Korean beauty terms) an M hairline rather than a U hairline, i.e., my hair’s very thin above the temples.  It’s most apparent whenever I pull my hair back, but you can see it even when I part my hair deeply to the side and it just sort of throws my face out of balance.

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That’s What Shea Said – Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir

“Shea” ain’t sh!t I used to think. No that’s not true; I’ve always been a fan of raw Shea butter ever since I bought a tub of that stuff from these Ghanese guys at a flea market stand in Austin, TX. It’s only second to my love of horse fat. But back to Shea…here is my new enthusiasm:

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