Heaven on Earthscience: Ceramide Care Shampoos from Earth Science Naturals

The health food store called Westerly on 8th Avenue takes your whole paycheck with just one aisle of its organic, hand grown, hand raised, stroked, massaged and coddled products, and that’s just the lettuce. However, I go during lunch time anyway becase there’s actually NOTHING good to eat sometimes in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. True story.

On a whim, I once picked up Earth Science Naturals skin tonic spray. The good people of Earth Science Naturals saw this and noticed. Kristen and the Earthscience Naturals Team sent us a ginormous box of their new Ceramide Care shampoos and conditioners to try. I received a massive box of 8 full sized shampoos and conditioners to the questioning looks of my boss.

Behold one of the Ceramide Care Shampoo & Conditioner sets:


On top of being generous, the folks at Earth Sciences actually make good products. And look at this sweet note:

I usually don’t ponder on the merits of shampoos and conditioners tooooo much. It’s mostly similar to how I pick body soap; based on smell. My hair just doesn’t quit for some reason, despite all the abuse it’s gone through. Sucks I know, neener neener. However, these Earth Science Naturals shampoos (and the tonic mist they made) are fab!

After a DAY of using, while waiting for the elevator, my frizzy-haired colleague commented, “Your hair is looking extra shiny today. Why?! How??”

Now THAT is third-party independent validation. I didn’t even solicit it.

I honestly forget which of the shampoo & conditioner sets I used. We received all from the line. I really don’t know if I would be able to tell the difference across them, based on the effect on my hair. I’ve done a rather willy-nilly job of tracking since the shampoos and conditioners are scattered across various bathrooms (gym kit, home, friends’ homes, etc.)

The one below is the fragrance free one for sensitive skin and noses. It’s actually my least favorite because I do love their very subtle pleasant natural scents.

Just for your reference is the back of the two bottles. I like that the ceramide complex is plant based. I guess this is an important distinction; ceramides are fatty  lipids so vegetarians and vegans may balk at the thought of animal derived lipids.

Below is a semi lazy not great shot of my hair right after shampooing. Yes it’s the blond tip of my seriously outgrown ombre. But look at the lack of breakage and split ends. It’s much shinier in purrrson. I may really research moar on sticking to one of the shampoo & conditioner sets once I’m done with the 4 bottles on my bathroom shelf.

Edit: below is another shot of my hair in its full glory. I’m too cheap to cut my hair and pay $200+ Manhattan prices so it just grows and grows. I’m the one on your left trying to kiss the 220lb tuna. 


Natural, plant based, gentle yet cleansing, noticeable shiny effect, reasonable price


Not really any. I don’t like the scent-free one as much but it’s good for those with sensitivities.

2 Replies to “Heaven on Earthscience: Ceramide Care Shampoos from Earth Science Naturals”

  1. ohhh they have volumizing & clarifying hair care products! I am always looking for these types of products. And they are eco-friendly! love that… trotting over to the earth sciences website now šŸ™‚

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