Pretty in PinkSeoul- Pink Seoul’s Subscription Box

There’s a new sheriff in town in the realm of K-Beauty subscription boxes: PinkSeoul. And she sent us a complimentary box full of wonders for us to review. Being the greedy, super saturated, grabby-handed furrrreeee stuphs loving purrrrson that I am, I lunged for it:

Behold the PinkSeoul Plus Box for May/June:

To subscribe to the Plus box and receive this one (May/June), subscribe here by June 19th.  The Plus box subscription is $49.95 per box and ships every two months.

This box is for the more “mature” (i.e. hella OLD according to Asian aunties and my mother) category of 35+ years old. I’m not quite there yet, but close enough. Also, I feel that the 35+ category would deliver more premium and less beginner (read: Tony Moly lip balms and cutesy introduction to K-Beauty stuff you may see in Seventeen magazine) K-beauty products. I was so thrilled to get this package delivered right to my desk at work.
The minimalist cardboard box is retro cute  and stamped with the whimsical girly logo. The contents are wrapped in nice tissue and includes two postcards: one describing the Korean beauty routine to anyone who’s not familiar, and one listing the contents of the box in detail (what the item is, whether it’s full sized, and retail price).
I lined up the products for the review with the exception of a couple of items because I was already super excited and tore open a mask to use and gave away a sunblock to which I have allergies. But here’s the majority of the items. It’s really a decent subscription deal at $49.95 every two months for ALL. THIS. STUFFS. Even though we got this for FURRREEEE to review, I would totally purrchase the subscription and/or any of their other specialty boxes.

Here’s the full listing of purrroducts below. Okay, my level of laziness is like…..^10,000 (unlike the conscientious Miss Angela coblogger, who reviewed the last Plus box) so here’s our Instagram post which lists everything:


Good value. Great introduction to nice quality and variety of products that I would definitely try. It’s quite an exciting addition to the K-Beauty subscription realm and it doesn’t take like, a MILLION years to ship all the way from Korea.


Contains non-skin care stuff like nail stickers and cuticle oil and foil packets which I don’t care for. Some of the items don’t have English ingredient listing and labels which can be problematic for allergy-ridden folks like moi.  (You have to go to Pink Seoul’s website to see the ingredient lists.)

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