AB See: Join the Asian Beauty Link Party

Catladies and gentlemen, announcing…

AB See!

an Asian beauty link party

AB See Link Party HostsAll are welcome–regardless of whether you blog or just enjoy reading blogs!  Click on the AB See logo above to go to Maple Tree Blog‘s post kicking off our inaugural party and giving the exact details on how to participate.

I figured I’d make this a “Link Parties for Dummies” post because I didn’t know what a link party was until recently!

What’s a link party?  

Basically, bloggers submit links to their posts fitting the theme of the week (always AB-related for AB See), and readers check out the posts and vote for their favorites.  This link party’s an opportunity for AB fans to see new blogs (AB See, get it?) and for AB bloggers to introduce themselves to new readers (and meet other bloggers, too!).

Every other Sunday, an AB See host–we’ll rotate among Maple Tree Blog, Peepingpomeranian, us, and LeavesOfYves–will kick off a new party with a blog post announcing the theme and hosting the links for all to see.

The Thursday/Friday after a party starts (the day depends on the time zone you’re in), we’ll stop accepting links and we’ll open up voting.  Top posts will be featured on the host’s blog the next week.

For the latest party, click on the AB See logo in the blog sidebar ==>>
or check the #ABSee tag on Instagram.

AB See Link Party hashtag

I’m a blogger.  How do I join the party?

Submit a link to one of your posts–old or new–that fits the party’s theme.  For example, our inaugural theme is “New” and can be broadly interpreted, so I submitted my review of a new (to me) product category: hair shadow!  (HG btw.)

Once a link party opens, you have until the following Thursday/Friday to submit your link, at which point submissions will be closed to allow for voting.  Check out the other links in the party and comment on at least 3 of them.  Then, once voting opens, vote for up to 3 favorites.

I’m not a blogger.  How do I join the party? 

Swing by the host-of-the-moment’s blog to check out the posts that have been submitted.  Once voting opens, you can vote for up to 3 favorites.

We’ll AB See you there!

Have MOAR questions?  Leave a comment or ask any of the AB See hosts.  😀  Again, the full details and inaugural link party are here.

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