One Pooed Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Uguisu No Fun Mask (nightingale poop mask)

I’m just gonna poot this out there: anything is worth a try IF it may give you eternal youth and beauty. So while you may think my idea of rubbing bird poop on my face is shit, I am doing a fecebility study on your behalf.

This whole bird poo thing has been dung before and skinandtonics had reviewed it briefly. But she got grossed out after 2 applications. I have a pretty strong stomach. I am stool doing this as we speak (it’s been over a week.) Behold my latest expooriment:


How did I get inspired by this? I read about the Japanese geisha facial at some fancy spa in NYC. In addition, I read an article where the founder of Tatcha was interviewed regarding her beauty secrets. She sought far and wide for this bird poo and got over it real quick. I didn’t even have to go anywhere except my Amazon prime account!

The poo is available in several flavors…I mean types. You can pick: illuminating (this version being reviewed,) calming, clarifying, and hydrating. On Amazon prime it’s $26.99. You can get it directly from the company on which is slightly cheaper but they charge shipping.

So what does it look like? Kinda like corn starch in a tiny plastic container. The powdery substance doesn’t smell like anything. It kinda slightly clumps but separates when you shake it up.

I followed the directions and mixed a little bit (about 1/2 teaspoon) with a bit of water. I did this very unscientifically and the result was a…very runny bird poop mixture.
Not to be…wasteful, I slathered it all over my face any way. And yeah it smells like a bird just shat on my face. Furrrget I said anything about it being scentless. There IS definitely a scent of bird poop. Most people won’t sense this, but I have the nose of a bloodhound. I can smell the difference between real goose down vs. synthetic goose down. SO YES IT SMELLS LIKE BIRD POOP. No one would be able to dupe me with fake bird poop.

The experience? It’s not that pleasant or relaxing. It is like an extremely drying clay mask. I didn’t even put as much of a layer as I should have. The other blogger had about a 2mm layer on her face.

And it looks gross AF. It…well looks like dried bird poop on my face. There’s really no other comparison. You can see the picture for yourself:

The effect? Immediate brightening but very drying. I forgot to take a before/after pic but I will definitely update this again with better comparison pics. After the rinse off, skin is temporarily brighter but very dry. I slathered on extra moisturizer and serum because I felt like my face was going to crack like the dried poo I just put on.

This isn’t holy grail status by any means but I just love the novelty of it. It is satisfying to perform a 400-year-old geisha beauty ritual involving some faraway native nightingales. I hope those birds have been following a good diet. According to the manufacturers, they are. Read more about the process of pooduction here:


Immediate brightening effect, good for people with oily skin as it just absorbs all excess oil, interesting concept.


Smells like bird poop, expensive, mental block of using animal waste on your face.

June 2016 Update: This is our entry into the AB See Asian beauty link party (co-hosted by us) with the theme of INGREDIENTS (click the link to Peeping Pomeranian’s blog to see the other entries).  What better ingredient deserves airing out than bird poo?!

AB See Link Party Hosts

11 Replies to “One Pooed Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Uguisu No Fun Mask (nightingale poop mask)”

  1. I’m very curious how they manage to harvest it and claim it’s from free range birds and keep it economically viable.
    Wild poop harvesting has been banned for several years now, because it started to affect the wild nightingale population.
    Nightingale farming is severely restricted and I just don’t see how they can sell pure nightingale poop with the current restrictions.
    Oddly enough, this product is not available for sale in Japan.
    Makes you wonder…

      1. Yep, endangered feces. I like that sound of that.

        Renee – so basically, they are purposely, artificially inducing diarrhea in them to make them poop more?
        You know, I have sent a bunch of emails to that company a couple years back (both in English and in Japanese) asking them very detailed questions about the process and asked if I could visit their facility. Unsurprisingly, I’ve never received a reply.
        And “legal” uguisu products that were sold domestically, disappeared from the shelves around 2010.

    1. Oh wow I def did not know that. The website claims that they harvest with plastic net and food that attract nightingales. For all I know I might be smearing pigeon poo on my face…tomato, tomahto

  2. This must have been a poot to write! It made me LOL, seriously! As someone of oily-skinned kin, I’m reeeaaally curious about this, but at the same time also curious about the viability and humane treatment coming from this product’s manufacturing. I’ll believe what that company has said, but for now, I will live vicariously through poo… I mean, you!

  3. Hilarious post! Love it! I don’t know if I would have the stomach to give it a try…I always say I’ll try anything but this one might be a step too far for me. I would also be interested to know about how it’s collected, where they get the birds etc. Let’s just trust the company when they say everything’s done above board!

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