Fueki-it: Fueki Yasashii Moisture Cream

During the annual holiday trip (yeah I know, this news is like, sooooo last YEAR; I’m backlogged, sue me) where Angela and I do our usual cat-fighting bonding, I found this cult favorite moisturizer manufactured by a GLUE company, Fueki Kogyo Co. The synergies of making stationery, construction materials, and cosmetics eludes me. Then…I realize that horse bits (collagen from hooves) also used in glue factories. Night-mare but that doesn’t stop me. Sorry Seabiscuit!

My impulse buy was initially spurred by their very distinctive packaging. Talk about cohesive branding:

Behold the Fueki Yasashii Moisture Cream

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Brays to God – Elizavecca Milky Piggy Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Cream Mask Pack

This past week has been one of the least fun weeks of my life for many reasons, one of which was being bedridden with a severe case of the flu. Now I know why/how people actually can die from the flu, no joke.

In the haze of a 102-degree fever, I dreamt that I was in a middle of a gnarly Battle-Royale type situation, slashing people and being slashed. When I came to, I glanced at the two things that always make things better: Miss Roxy and my collection of skin care shit.

This was purrrrchased on a whim from oo35mm because it seemed to have serious brayin’ power. Look at the name:

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Cream Mask Pack

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One Pooed Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Uguisu No Fun Mask (nightingale poop mask)

I’m just gonna poot this out there: anything is worth a try IF it may give you eternal youth and beauty. So while you may think my idea of rubbing bird poop on my face is shit, I am doing a fecebility study on your behalf.

This whole bird poo thing has been dung before and skinandtonics had reviewed it briefly. But she got grossed out after 2 applications. I have a pretty strong stomach. I am stool doing this as we speak (it’s been over a week.) Behold my latest expooriment:


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Indi-go-go – Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream

The nice folks at Tatcha sent me a care package out of the blue (har har.) The number of packages, big and small, at work are making my banking bosses side-eye. Whatevs. T’is the season for brown packages, bauss. But thank you Tatcha for the nice surprise below. I will commence reviewing that ultra luxurious hand cream: the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream. They even included a sweet hand-written note. Continue reading “Indi-go-go – Tatcha Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream”

Cry for Kelp – Tony Moly Kelp Mask Sheet (Boosting)

Yesterday while in Chinatown, NY waiting for Amy and Evelyn to arrive for dinner at the local authentic Chinese cuisine eating hole, I *accidentally* wandered into oo35mm and The Yeon and came out with this Tony Moly mask made of kelp. Yeah, as in, the mask sheet itself is MADE of seaweed. I was so intrigued. Is it deep sea kelp that mermaids make their skirt out of? Is it that annoying green plastic sheet stuff that tangle up on your legs after a storm in Miami Beach? Look at that delicious slick bouncy seaweed in that bowl on the package!

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Bio-agreeable – TT Mask Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask

I made a long shopping list for Vivian, my shoe designer friend from Shanghai, prior to her visit to NYC. Of course, I got none of the wish list items because my tastes are still pretty esoteric for the Asian market. She did obtain these Timeless Truth TT Bio Cellulose Collagen masks. It came in a box of 3, and based on internet research, costs $11 PER MASK. Muy expensive!

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Blanc Check – FANCL Whitening Mask

I spent Labor Day trying to learn how to swim in my friend’s mucho fancy rooftop pool and got soooo dry and chapped and pruny. So of course the logical conclusion was: hey let me dry my skin further via a whitening mask.

Miss FANCL pants pulled out this preservative-free, freshness-dated, hermetically sealed mask for me: the FANCL Whitening Mask
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Un-BEE-lievable – Savannah Bee Beeswax Hand Cream

While I am on a roll with animal products, I picked up a nicely packaged artisanal-looking pot of expensive hand cream at a health food store. It’s $13 for a 3-4 oz jar.

I found the packaging to be irresistibly cute with the thick gift-like cardboard box, vintage font, and a bee stamp. The ingredients promised all natural beeswax and Royal Jelly (hello Burts Bees competitor) so I HAD to. My hands are so dry from constant washing and hand-sanitizer to keep nasty NYC subway germs at bay. It’s a vicious circle of dryness and washing and more dryness.

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