Gimme some Lip – Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask in Herb

This is a nice mask for when you are hanging out with that motormouth friend and want to watch the last 10 minutes of Family Guy undisturbed. “Hey I know! Let’s do a lip mask!”


So this is a hydrogel mask for your lips. It’s supposed to plump your lips up with collagen and herbal goodness. Basically it works like a face mask but it goes over your lips and you can’t talk for 15 minutes cuz…ya know, your lips are literally sealed.



If you look closely at the label (which has no English but an explanatory picture,) you’ll realize that each lip mask can also be used as a nipple mask. I guess it’s good for winter when the girls are a little dry.

Verdict? It’s just hydration for your lips. You’re not gonna be able to plump your lips significantly with a sheet mask. It will temporarily moisten your lips and help ease dryness and any fine lines around the lips from such dryness.

It’s still kinda fun to do because my lips do get a little dry in the winter. Damn New York polar vortex and dark matte lipstick! Plus I love that it’s just a hilarious goofy Asian product you rarely see in the American cosmetics stores…for now


Pros: hydrating, inexpensive, comes in variety of flavors
Cons: not really going to plump your lips.

4 Replies to “Gimme some Lip – Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask in Herb”

  1. That looks so FUNNY!
    But you’re still cute with this thing on. 🙂

    If it doesn’t really plump the lips, then I don’t think I’m gonna purchase it~

    Thank you for the review!

  2. There’s something weirdly appealing about this lip masque. I kind of want to try it just for the novelty factor and if it helps with the horrible dry lips business, that’s just a bonus!

    Where would one find this masque?

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