Fueki-it: Fueki Yasashii Moisture Cream

During the annual holiday trip (yeah I know, this news is like, sooooo last YEAR; I’m backlogged, sue me) where Angela and I do our usual cat-fighting bonding, I found this cult favorite moisturizer manufactured by a GLUE company, Fueki Kogyo Co. The synergies of making stationery, construction materials, and cosmetics eludes me. Then…I realize that horse bits (collagen from hooves) also used in glue factories. Night-mare but that doesn’t stop me. Sorry Seabiscuit!

My impulse buy was initially spurred by their very distinctive packaging. Talk about cohesive branding:

Behold the Fueki Yasashii Moisture Cream

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Brays to God – Elizavecca Milky Piggy Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Cream Mask Pack

This past week has been one of the least fun weeks of my life for many reasons, one of which was being bedridden with a severe case of the flu. Now I know why/how people actually can die from the flu, no joke.

In the haze of a 102-degree fever, I dreamt that I was in a middle of a gnarly Battle-Royale type situation, slashing people and being slashed. When I came to, I glanced at the two things that always make things better: Miss Roxy and my collection of skin care shit.

This was purrrrchased on a whim from oo35mm because it seemed to have serious brayin’ power. Look at the name:

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Cream Mask Pack

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Flat-lining – The Face Shop’s Face It Extreme Flat Pen Liner

I’m on the train from NYC to DC hauling literally 25 lbs of cosmetics. Most of this weight comprises of Angela’s haul and my makeup for our YouTube debut. We’re filming inside http://www.studiowerksdc.com/ which is owned by my Emmy-award winning pal. But don’t let all this fool you. Chances are the videos will be blurry because Angela and I are n00bs and we ourselves haven’t gotten any Emmy awards…sigh.

But that diary rant has nothing to do with this review, nyeh! This flat line liquid pen eyeliner has been in my Cosmocube for some time now and it’s due for an evaluation:

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Over the Moonshot – Moonshot Makeup Ready Mask

From the Peach and Lily sample sale files is this random mask which I had to have because hel-lo, all the skin care was being grabbed and swiped like it was the zombie apocalypse and the only cure was moar skin care! And I’m a mask luna-tic (heh, heh, heh).

I looked up this brand and, until very recently, there wasn’t a ton of information on it. Apparently the flagship store in Korea only opened October 2014 and the brand is backed by YG Entertainment which churns out bubble gum K-Pop (the likes of Psy) rather than serious cosmetics. They DO have an online shop where you can purchase all their stuff. Free international shipping IF you spend over $200. Good luck. You can get the Moonshot Makeup Ready Mask being reviewed on here as well. As stated, this mask is made so that you can be ready for makeup. Because who knows when Makeup can strike?! Continue reading “Over the Moonshot – Moonshot Makeup Ready Mask”

All About that Ass – Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack (Whitening)

I cannot get enough of dat ass milk. I mean really, there’s something irresistible about the promise of nutritious, creamy, soothing milk that’s close to what yer mama used to feed you that makes me wanna use it in ALL my beauty products. So I squealed when Angela sent me this:

Whatevs. Get off my ass @Angela :p

Wait, no, underneath the note was this:

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Mask and You Shall Receive – Muji’s Compressed Facial Mask Sheets

Since I brought a bunch of found-only-in-Asia sheet masks home from Taiwan, I’d been especially cheap with trying to make them last more than one use. No, GROSS, I am not saving the USED sheet mask. I am saving the leftover serum in the pouches. Usually there’s a couple of teaspoons of serum left in the tear away pouch. Voila! Instant mask #2 by using those pill-like compressed face mask sheets:

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Mane Squeeze – Haruhada Horse Oil Body Cream

The first thing I bought in my trip to Taiwan was horse fat body cream. Because I say neigh, neigh, to flaky dry skin and had forgotten my body lotion at home.


This is a Japanese import product and you can get it at SASA in Taipei. According to their claims, it’s “formulated with Hokkaido pure horse oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Urea etc.  It can be easily absorbed, smoothes , and moisturizes dry & sensitive skin.” There’s a small amount of lavender oil in it to make it smell…not like beef jerky fat. Continue reading “Mane Squeeze – Haruhada Horse Oil Body Cream”