Mask and You Shall Receive – Muji’s Compressed Facial Mask Sheets

Since I brought a bunch of found-only-in-Asia sheet masks home from Taiwan, I’d been especially cheap with trying to make them last more than one use. No, GROSS, I am not saving the USED sheet mask. I am saving the leftover serum in the pouches. Usually there’s a couple of teaspoons of serum left in the tear away pouch. Voila! Instant mask #2 by using those pill-like compressed face mask sheets:


These sheets helped me stretch two uses out of the L’Herboflore Pear Nourishing Hydromask which I haven’t seen anywhere outside of Taiwan:


First you save the liquid, then you drop the pill into the serum and wait for it to absorb, unfold a little to help the inner folds absorb more serum, unfold flat, and bam, second sheet mask:

Granted it won’t be SOAKING amply with serum but hey, waste not! I’m doing this with all my hard-to-find masks that were hauled from Taipei and, despite my expression in the photo, am happy and so proud πŸ™‚

This DIY mask is brilliant because you can make virtually anything into a mask. It works better with more watery substances (sake, wine, milk, etc.-name your favorite drink.) It’s not so great with thicker substances (egg, chocolate, avocado, etc-name your favorite food.)

Pros: cheaper, help save serum from your favorite brands, Muji brand is more expensive at $8.25 for 20 pieces but you can find compressed masks for cheaper. I bought 30 in Taipei for about $3. 

Cons: the mask isn’t as thick and evaporates way more quickly as compared to the original fabric masks in the pouch, of course. 

2 Replies to “Mask and You Shall Receive – Muji’s Compressed Facial Mask Sheets”

  1. I’m always approving of people doing the most they can with what they have! Money don’t come from the trees haha πŸ˜€ That’s a really good idea, I think I’m going to do it as well tbh. Sadly I’m not sure where I can find the compressed masks outside of Muji in France ><

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