Natto Cheese – Soffygirl’s Herbal Natto Sheet Mask

For those unfamiliar with natto: it’s a fermented soy bean that has a strong smell and taste. Why this inspired Soffygirl to make a mask out of natto is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s because Asians like beauty products made from fermentation. And food?


Surprisingly the mask didn’t smell like fermented stinky slimy soy beans. It had a barely detectable herbal floral scent. 


The sheet mask itself is very very thin. It was generously soaked in a viscous thin serum. After leaving the mask on for 30 minutes (over the recommended 15-20 minutes,) the mask was still soaking wet. There was plenty in the pouch for a second serving with a DIY sheet mask. 

I did this sheet mask last night at 2AM after a night of going out and swigging a few whiskeys. This morning my face is super smooth and refreshed, without a trace of lack of sleep or dryness and tiredness. I feel like the tiny bumps along my jaw line are significantly diminished. SCORE!

Here’s the list of ingredients. Not sure if there’s anything special beside the natto gum. However I’m a new fan of Soffygirl. 


Pros: soothing, smoothing, delicious drink for your skin, plenty of serum, I rather like the super thin sheet because it fit my face well and it didn’t seem to evaporate quickly like other thin sheets. 

Cons: pretty much impossible to find outside of Asia. I didn’t even see an eBay posting for it…yet

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