Gilty Pleasure – ELG Luxury Gold Collagen Eye Mask

From the Taiwan 03-2015 haul files come this little cheapie treasure of an eye mask. It cost $0.50! And the first ingredient is goooooold:

There are only ~10 ingredients and the first few seem natural and “good” for moisture. I think grape leaf extract is good for anti-aging. But I don’t know if this mask would do all that it promises because…who needs to minimize pores around the under eye area? I’m not even sure that our eye bags have pores. Anyways I just wanted a bit of hydration under my eyes because stupid New York has turned cold again (wtf happened to Spring??) Here is the ingredient list: 

Even if it isn’t a “miracle” product I feel that it’s such great value because it’s inexpensive and feels very soothing under my eyes. The somewhat poor directions  say that the mask will dissolve with your body temperature. It doesn’t. It’s just the serum absorbing into your body. “Miner” problem in translation I guess.

I love love love the shiny gold foil gel patches and there was plenty of serum leftover for me to put on my arms and legs.


This was definitely one of my favorite finds in Taiwan. But it’s impossible to find here in the States. Gonna have to keep on digging for gold when I’m in LA to see if I strike again.

Pros: great value, nice formula, pretty patches, very soothing

Cons: impossible to find outside of Asia, like most of the stuff I review/like. Of course 😦

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