All About that Ass – Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack (Whitening)

I cannot get enough of dat ass milk. I mean really, there’s something irresistible about the promise of nutritious, creamy, soothing milk that’s close to what yer mama used to feed you that makes me wanna use it in ALL my beauty products. So I squealed when Angela sent me this:

Whatevs. Get off my ass @Angela :p

Wait, no, underneath the note was this:

I love my donkey milk sleeping pack so I welcome donkey milk in another form. Shit I would prolly drink it if they sell it in the supermarket. Here’s the list of delicious ingredients:

There’s obviously donkey milk…and wait…SALMON EGG EXTRACT. I like my beauty products the way I like my refrigerator: full of animal byproducts. This is a double score.

The serum itself is really really sticky. It doesn’t  leave a super sticky film after you take the mask off but the solution on the mask is viscous. I recommend leaving the mask on for 30 minutes to help the super thick serum absorb fully.

Similarly the donkey milk sleeping mask pack has that texture. I wonder if donkey milk is naturally sticky and thick like that.

Here’s what the mask looks like on my face. Doesn’t really look any different from any other sheet mask:

But lo and behold this is the result:

Ok fine that’s after makeup, push up bra, lighting, and Photoshop. But seriously I feel that the mask does wonders. My skin is so hydrated and bouncy. After putting on sheet masks every day for a whole week my cheek is soft like a baby’s butt.

Pros: everything! Hydrating, soothing, softening. I didn’t see much whitening though. But hey how much can be done in 30 minutes from a sheet mask?

Cons: hard to find. Kinda expensive for a single mask at $2.50?

4 Replies to “All About that Ass – Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack (Whitening)”

    1. Ooh, good tip. I came across these in a beauty shop in Little Tokyo and didn’t price-shop online. Btw, “Get on mah face, ass milk” could very well be the life mantra of AB lovers. –Angela

  1. Yours is whitening, but mine says aqua??? I wonder what the difference is. I just tried mine last night too, and I liked it. Now I have to hunt down that sleeping pack.

    1. The different versions have quite different ingredient lists. I gave Renee the Whitening and the Healing versions and I looked up the ingredients for Aqua and Healing. Niacinamide is fourth on the ingredients for Whitening but isn’t in the Aqua and Healing ones at all. Maybe Renee will review the Healing one and can compare. –Angela

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