Brow-nie Points: Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker Semi-Review + Swatches

Chosungah 22 is a Korean brand recently added to Sephora’s roster.  (Check out its English site here and prepare to drool.)

01 Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker Grey Brown ReviewThe only product currently available on Sephora is the Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker ($22 for 0.37 oz.).  As fortune would have it, I spotted these in one of the bins lining the checkout line at the Sephora in the Flatiron District.  It’s super new to Sephora: there was no product sign and the sales associates were just as curious about it as I was.

04 Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker ReviewKnowing that Sephora’s sale for VIBs was coming up (15% off!), I’d been building a (shortish) wishlist and the Brow Maker was on it.  The design and concept are very intriguing: a brow mascara wand with a tapered, flat sponge tip and packaged like a highlighter. It sounded promising as a do-it-all brow product.

Here are closeups of the applicator (lightened up to show details):

03 Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker Review02 Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker ReviewI eagerly swatched all the colors, which all leaned warm except for the Grey Brown: Light Blonde, Black Brown, Grey Brown (Sephora calls this Grey Blonde), and Medium Blonde.  The texture is a matte, creamy liquid.

These swatches, taken in Sephora, were still fresh and hadn’t dried down yet.

05 Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker Swatches-WetAnd these swatches are dried down and taken outdoors.  I think they’re a little more color-accurate:

06 Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker Swatches-DryI tried out Grey Brown in the store (it was a brand new tester! <3).  My brows were already powdered in (of course; can’t leave home without mah brows), so I tested it on top of my makeup.  It worked OK as a brow mascara so long as you’re careful to keep the applicator tip away from the hair.  However, the tip is where the formula really accumulates, so it was hard to get the color on evenly.  I ended up with some blotches of product that I had to comb out with a spoolie (thankfully, it combed out easily).  The applicator wasn’t very helpful in smoothing and evening out the product.

Final decision: SKIP!  I’m glad I got to try this before buying as I think I would have been disappointed.  Maybe it works better on bare skin and maybe with a separate applicator?  Even wiping the excess off of the applicator, the applicator basically requires painting, stamping, or spackling on the product, which doesn’t seem to lend itself to natural-looking brows.  Seems to me that you’d end up plastering the brow hairs down and would have to work to color in the skin underneath the brows.  In any case, it’s far from being an all-in-one tool.

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