They’re Guuuurrrrreat – Animal Face Pack

From the bizarre files of Japan skin care comes this sheet mask pack of 2 made with faces of a tiger and a panda from the Ueno Zoo printed on it:

It was part of the monthly-ish beauty box that Angela and I swap. We have a very popular and stylish beauty box (Rox Box) subscription service that’s ultra exclusive with membership of 2. Anyhow I was super excited to try these because I thought they would contain tiger and panda ingredients. No I didn’t really…:(

The entire thing is in Japanese with a minimal amount of English translation for the ingredients so I can only guess that it’s good?

So this is what I look like with the mask.

Despite my apparent expression, I am very thrilled while I go about the house waiting for the serum to absorb and trying to see if my cat thinks I am a real tiger.

The mask itself is pretty thin, but I’m surprised at how well the pattern fit my face. The serum is just enough. Not too much not too little. Erm..maybe on the side of too little….

Overall my face feels very smooth but the serum is thin and there’s not soooo much of it that I feel satisfyingly thoroughly soaked in beauty liquids.

Pros: fun, amusing, you can save the mask and glue it on your face for Halloween, Japan-made so I assume it’s quality stuff

Cons: contains no tiger.


4 Replies to “They’re Guuuurrrrreat – Animal Face Pack”

  1. Cute though! And I’d love to join your beauty box service πŸ˜‰ I’ve got a six-pack of Guerrison 9 Complex horse oil hydrogels on the way, and I’m always ordering new stuff from Memebox. Hint hint :p

    1. Ugh, don’t encourage Renee. I saw those Guerrison hydrogels and knew she would love them, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. I feel bad enough that I got her donkey milk. Did I read on Reddit that you have camel milk on the way?! πŸ™‚ No judgment; nothing in AB surprises me any more. –Angela

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