Flat-lining – The Face Shop’s Face It Extreme Flat Pen Liner

I’m on the train from NYC to DC hauling literally 25 lbs of cosmetics. Most of this weight comprises of Angela’s haul and my makeup for our YouTube debut. We’re filming inside http://www.studiowerksdc.com/ which is owned by my Emmy-award winning pal. But don’t let all this fool you. Chances are the videos will be blurry because Angela and I are n00bs and we ourselves haven’t gotten any Emmy awards…sigh.

But that diary rant has nothing to do with this review, nyeh! This flat line liquid pen eyeliner has been in my Cosmocube for some time now and it’s due for an evaluation:

I don’t know what’s so “EXTREME” about this eye liner. I picked it up from The Face Shop in New Jersey once while visiting my friend and her new baby. The tester sucked and barely created a line, but experience told me that it was just because the tester had no more juice.
The shape of the pen is its selling point, but really the flatness doesn’t help with the precision. It’s still too FAT at its flattest point:

I strongly prefer micro tips. SANA makes a way better flat tipped liquid liner which helps you do a very precise cat eye. With this flat liner I kinda had to do an extra thick line in order to taper the wing tip. Still not really happy with the liner even though I have done this a million times. Not a tool I’m used to.

It’s sort of nice that the ink is super opaque and super black with just the first stroke. In the picture above I didn’t have to run the liner over the same spot twice. It’s THAT dark and black with a single stroke! I also took a nap and some of it rubbed off almost like a film. So I guess the rubberized/film/plasticized technology gives it staying power against wetness and humidity.

I’m happy with the ink but not really thrilled about the application tip. No regrets on purchasing at ~$15 but wouldn’t necessarily seek it out again.

Update: one of our Instagram pals says that Covergirl makes a similar one for $8 (Intensify Me Liquid Liner.) Worth getting if you like “just the tip”. Heh heh heh.

Pros: super black ink, long lasting

Cons: imprecise tip, expensive for just black eyeliner

6 Replies to “Flat-lining – The Face Shop’s Face It Extreme Flat Pen Liner”

  1. Wah! I’m a little too excited for your Youtube debut! Am expecting lots of pun. Also, thanks for the review. I’ll make sure to sidestep this one. Btw – I think you really made it work even though the tip isn’t to your liking… I like the way it looks in the pic. It’s so glossy too!

    1. Thank you thank you! Yeah the ink is nice but the tip is meh. Lol we are working on the YouTube videos but they are taking furrrever. I never knew it’s so much work. But thanks for the love. Muah!

      1. Furrever… muahaha. I found out the hard way too. I made one video – it’s not even good – and I called it quits. It was way too hard pretending to talk to someone through the cam and the editing took furrever. But there’s two of you and you’re both super smart + you’re skin & web savvy so I’m really looking forward to it!

    1. Ah yes, have you tried the SANA Extra Heavy Eyeliner? Superbly thin brush tip! And hehe I love those Maneki Neko too. I got them in 5 different colors from a Japanese supermarket nearby 🙂

      1. I haven’t! I’ll have to look it up! I wish we had a cool Japanese market here… We have a really cool Chinese market that has maneki neko, but they’re gold and I’d love a sleek black one like your’s. Oh, well! haha

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