The Yeon and the Restless -The Yeon Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence

During one of those ‘daze-of-my-life’ lazy summer days I moseyed on to my favorite tiny cosmetic store in Chinatown, OO35mm and WHOA there was another K-Beauty store right next to it that just opened! This store was called The Yeon and it was new to me! As the world turns I can’t believe I have been buried in work and missing this new shop.

The store was beautifully set up, with white tiles and shiny shelves lined with mysterious products in candy-like packaging. However I’m wary of Asian cosmetics with no English ingredients that cause my 1001 allergies to flare up. After a LOOOOOONG 45-minute dawdle and elimination of everything without an English ingredient label, I picked this beauty up for $37. It promised natural ingredients and lots of herbal/floral/calming natural-sounding extracts:

As you can see the claim, lotus extract is supposed to hydrate and nourish. I guess tannin has a protective effect and iron helps make your skin glow by activating B vitamins. Beside that, I took one sniff and fell in love. Its gorgeous fresh, floral, tea-like, Jasmine like, lotus smell just carried me away like a damn Calgon commercial. And I usually HATE perfumy cosmetics. This smelled so refreshing and airy like a cool gentle summer breeze as you take a little rowboat along the Mekong Delta. That good.

The serum is slightly viscous but mostly very watery and thin. Tiny blue capsules are suspended in it. The label claims that they contain ceramide and sunflower seed oil that melt away to moisturize skin.

I was soooooo excited about this serum. But it didn’t do a damn thing. I haven’t been this disappointed since I went to the National Mall in DC and found out that it had NO Sephora or Stuart Weitzman. WHY would you call that a Mall, Angela? Why? Sob.

I’m 75% through the bottle. I have been using it day and night for a month and I really didn’t see anything special. OK, granted I have a 10-step, 10-product skin care routine, but really I can tell the efficacy of each ingredient because I vary the steps ever so slightly on a frequent basis. The Yeon was the constant factor…and while it’s very good as a gentle moisturizing serum, it didn’t do enough to justify shelf space or the $37 price tag. You’re gorgeous, Lotus, but I need MOAR than just a purrrty face, ya hear me?

Even Miss Rox thinks “Yeon” = “Yawn”

The Yeon = The Yawn.

Pros: gorgeous packaging that is so satisfying on the eyes, lovely light & fresh fragrance, gentle and moisturizing

Cons: pricey, doesn’t do much.

3 Replies to “The Yeon and the Restless -The Yeon Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence”

  1. Damn. Thanks for saving me a big chunk of cash, since I’ve been lusting for this product (and lotus in general) for a while. But hey, at least you have a gorgeous bottle you can clean and repurpose!

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