Kicho Kicho ya ya dada – Kicho Natural Mineral Water Foaming Cleanser

The two lovely girls Sue & Hera from reached out to BeautyandtheCat to test their new products. I’m always in the mood to disco-fur some sites and KBeauty. Once upon a time, even peachandlily was obscure, right?

So they sent us this, behold:

Kicho Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser

This is a new brand, and according to the excerpt from the site:

The philosophy of Kicho is to wholeheartedly embrace the order of nature. Kicho is dedicated to bringing back the basics of skincare, combining ancient arts with modern research. Kicho works in unity with the skin, respecting the skin’s essentials, by avoiding harsh chemicals and using natural ingredients, like sprouts, minerals, and plant placenta.

Oooh! I like placenta from anyone, plant or animal. And being natural is all the rage nowadays so I was stoked when the package came.

I don’t know what the eff the mail room guys did but there was some…ummm…leakage on the package. It wasn’t a huge deal and was only on the outside…but whuh? Did they test the product for me? Kekeke.

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Ape Hit – Mizon King to the Kong No. 1 King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream 300mL

I went BANANAS when I saw this at the Peach & Lily sample sale for freaking $5. It’s usually $35 at Urban Outfitters but it was on its way to being discontinued, I assume. You can no longer find it at UO but KoreaDepart still sells it. Such a steal at 5 bucks for 300mL which is (10 ounces) of face gel moisturizer! Or is it?

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The Yeon and the Restless -The Yeon Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence

During one of those ‘daze-of-my-life’ lazy summer days I moseyed on to my favorite tiny cosmetic store in Chinatown, OO35mm and WHOA there was another K-Beauty store right next to it that just opened! This store was called The Yeon and it was new to me! As the world turns I can’t believe I have been buried in work and missing this new shop.

The store was beautifully set up, with white tiles and shiny shelves lined with mysterious products in candy-like packaging. However I’m wary of Asian cosmetics with no English ingredients that cause my 1001 allergies to flare up. After a LOOOOOONG 45-minute dawdle and elimination of everything without an English ingredient label, I picked this beauty up for $37. It promised natural ingredients and lots of herbal/floral/calming natural-sounding extracts:

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