Peaches and Screams – Peach & Lily’s First Ever Sample Sale Recap

If you are reading this, it’s TOO LATE. Too late for sanity, and definitely too late to grab anything that I hoarded when I was there at NOON on the dot yesterday (Wed Aug 5, 2015.) Blame Ange and the other 3 cohorts that put in orders. This is a bird’s eye view of what I hoarded on their behalf:

And from a scale of Frank Gallagher (Shameless) to Cersei Lannister (SHAME) I’m somewhere in the middle. I took a couple of things of each (except for 5 Shangpree gold masks, but plenty was left when I was there.) Some people TOOK THE ENTIRE SHELF of any items.

For the utterly uninformed, Peach and Lily is holding a first ever sample sale for two days Aug 5-6 at 12PM-9PM. The first day was supposed to start at 2PM, but they started earlier to accommodate the huge demand. HUGE demand is an understatement.

I happily strolled to the corner of 37th Street and 8th Avenue at 11:50AM not knowing what was ahead of me. Actually, I got right up to the elevator and to the 17th floor no problem. What I encountered wasn’t even bad as compared to this:

Once I got to the 17th floor from the elevator, the TINY hallway was steaming with girls. Human heat + heaving excitement = HOT AF. As it JUST opened at 12PM, the door girls asked if anyone RSVP’ed before today. Ceci and I managed to go in without much fuss, bag checked, and came into a relatively orderly loft space with neat shelves labelled $10 and $20.

There was a mask bar against the wall with Shangpree’s gold masks at $12 and free gold-colored silicone mixing bowls that go with the masks. There were other masks, including sleeping masks, which totally ALREADY ran out.

Things flew off the shelves instantaneously. You can barely read a word of what the container says before a bangled arm snatched it. Just grab and read later. Seriously. Nevermind the price because the cashiers have to walk through each item with you. Nobody knew prices because items flew off shelves and landed in other areas. Girls sat on floors going through bags and snapchatting.

I pulled items with QUICKNESS and got in line at 12:45PM. That’s correct, by 12:40PM most choice items were gone, including everything by Shangpree, Aromatica, Cremorlab, Lalavesi, and May Coop. Because people had to go through pricing with the cashier and re-thought items at the checkout line, it was over 2 hours long.

The staff was super friendly and restocked as much as they could, but they were obviously overworked and overwhelmed. Don’t even bother them with asking for the price; you’re wasting your precious time and theirs. Carry a massive bag and do it at check out. Also make friends in line so you can watch each other’s stuff as you take turns walking the room for new restocks of items you haven’t seen.

And rare of me to say this: but just skip the food and drinks. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Here’s my total damage. Read it and make a wish list for next year. Maybe you can even start lining up now. And bring a bottle of water and armor.

15 Replies to “Peaches and Screams – Peach & Lily’s First Ever Sample Sale Recap”

  1. Your haul looks absolutely amazing!! Totally jealous of the Aromatica, Cremorlab, and May Coop stuff. Oh how I wish someone would hold a sale with all these up-and-coming brands here :<

    1. Thanks Allison! Yeah with these things, the early bird def gets the worm. I lucked out by having a friend tell me about the time change. Otherwise I would def not have gone in that crazy line! For the rest of us, there’s also ONLINE SHOPPING! =)

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