Moonday – Moonshot Oil Relief Concentrate Serum Restore

Seems like it was just yesterday when I was maniacally hoarding stuff at the Peach and Lily sample sale. Months later I’m still wading through the little that I actually kept (ahem, Angela.) Below is one of them. I was ecstatic when I grabbed this amazing little pastel pink package with promises of relief for oily skin during the summer. AND it was from the new line Moonshot AND the bottle was sooo cute:

The ass-tronomically long list of ingredients seem promising; lots of extracts of Latin-sounding plants. It also has licorice which is supposed to lighten spots. The second ingredient is sodium hyaluronate which shouldn’t be confused with actual hyaluronic acid. The ingredient here is the salt of the acid. There’s little evidence to prove that rubbing such salt on your face will stimulate collagen production. The third ingredient is beta-glucan….which is good for your immune system…?

My interpretation is that this serum may be good for acne-prone skin because of the oil-relieving and ingredients to boost immunity. However, the front label says “energy boosting…repairs and restructures your skin’s own power.” Lots of claims in different directions. Was something lost in translation?

Assuming this is a serum for acne, and since I never really get zits (yes I hate myself for that too) this has zero effect on me except that it looks pretty in my cabinet. I MIGHT decant some other stuff inside it because the frosted glass dropper bottle is too cute and perfectly sized to throw away. Just look at it:

As for the other claims? Zero observable differences in skin. It’s a super clear serum of medium viscosity, the product amount doesn’t last super long (although I do over-use products,) and the full price is $48 ( which is LUNA-CY!

Pros: pretty and sturdy packaging

Cons: does nothing as far as I can tell

8 Replies to “Moonday – Moonshot Oil Relief Concentrate Serum Restore”

  1. Hmm!! Interesting comment about the salt, sodium hyaluronate. I didn’t know that it’s effect was much different that the acid form.

    But I also didn’t know that the acid form is supposed to stimulate collagen production. Wow! I only heard that hyaluronic acid and it’s relatives draw in moisture from the air into your skin.

    Is sodium hyaluronate also inferior in terms of drawing in moisture?

  2. This seemed like a pretty good serum for someone like me who has rosacea. Beta-glucan is actually a great anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory. It’s derived from oats or yeast. Allantoin and adenosine are both anti-inflammatories and panthenol is good for the skin’s barrier. I was about to jump on this serum but then I looked up potassium hydroxide, which is LYE, an EXTREMELY BASIC (as in pH) cleansing agent. The only time lye should ever go on your skin is if you fall headfirst into a thicket of poison ivy. (It removes all traces of oil!)

    I’m a field botanist, and I always get a kick out of some of the plants they include in skincare, especially non-american products. A funny extract in here is phragmities communis–which is an invasive wetland reed in the US. Kinda random. I have no idea what it would do for your skin.

    1. Wow this is super informative. I’ve never met a botanist and that’s so awesome you know about the properties of these plants that they put into Asian skin care. Thanks and thumbs up!!! 🙂

  3. No no I am totally not that informed at all! I just recognize some of the plants they put in skincare. For the most part I have no idea what any particular plant might do for skin! A lot of Asian plants are invasive in North America, so whenever I see one in skincare I think “Glad to see someone is making use of these crazy plants!” I also find it amusing when an Asian brand incorporates plants that are native to North America. My “expertise” are on plant communities in the wild, but I’d have no idea what they do for skin without the internet.

    I have an instagram with lots plants if you’re interested: @lindsfein

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