Whoo-ville! – The History of Whoo Secret Court Lip Balm Set

In the spirit of holiday consumption I picked up this set at Magic Belle in San Gabriel (bitchy and cold salesgirls who didn’t even give me samples btw.) Swoooon! Or should I say swhoon? 🙂

Behold The History of Whoo Secret Court Lip Balm Set

Considering how  expensive The History of Whoo is, I thought it was a bargain at $35. It comes in a mini-sized box and it features a lip balm in the middle, a mini lipstick in their signature etched golden lipstick case, and a mini calligraphy style lip brush.  

The lip balm is very densely packed so it’s almost a hard sticky wax inside the jar, not bouncy and gel-like as you’d expect from a “balm.” Rubbing your hand on the product picks up just enough product to pat on the lips. Since it’s a very expensive lip balm, I think a little goes a long way.

I’d been suffering from severely chapped lips, even given the mild winter. Part of this is due to my recent experimentation with lip fillers. Yeah biatches, I Kylie-Jenner’ed my lips for fun. Moar on that later.

The miniature lipstick is a universally unobtrusive shade of nude pink. It’s essentially a tinted lip balm itself, and not opaque or has enough color payoff such that I would call it a lip stick. It’s equally hydrating and the packaging is pretty and substantial. It’s very much a shrunken version of the full sized lip stick packaging, and not like those minis made of lighter plastic material.

I swatched the lipstick for your reference. It shows way more on the back of my hand than on my lips. Again I picked this set because I exactly did NOT want a weird sample of those bright pink Korean lips. 

The calligraphy tipped brush is gratuitous. Who the hell uses that for lip balm? It does give a luxurious look and makes it feel like you’re getting 3 things instead of just a $35 jar of lip balm I guess. Again, lovely packaging. And sooooo kawaii and tiny!

Very happy with this small indulgence. It’s among my favorite purchases during the haulidays. Now….back to perusing the aisles for moaaaaar stuphs!


Expensive and hard to find, and then you have to deal with fobby salesgirls’ attitude at Magic Belle.  Seriously why are those pale cold snotty salesgirls always hired? Is that part of the Asian cosmetics purchasing experience to make you feel like you’re paying for a quality product? Beeches I just bought a lip balm that’s worth 4 hours of YOU standing around all sullen dressed in an apron, give me samples! I should just buy the damn store and then fire them. End rant


Beautiful and luxurious. Works very well to end flaky scaly chapped lips (just as Chapstick would,) nice very gentle hint of floral vanilla herb fragrance.

8 Replies to “Whoo-ville! – The History of Whoo Secret Court Lip Balm Set”

  1. This is so pretty! I’m always jealous to see that people actually by these products…they are so magical from their design :’D

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