White on Time – Mizon Crystal Miracle Body Cream Whitening Brightening Moisturizing Milky

One of the random swags I grabbed from the Peach and Lily Sample Sale this week is an Asian country staple: whitening body cream. I guess when I was in Vegas dealing with Angela’s ultra bright paleness, the Asian-from-Asia part of me felt shamed that I was the shade of many poor maids.True story, my auntie in Hong Kong looked at me up and down and asked “You’re not poor, why are you so dark?”. People tan in the West Auntie!

Fine, Angela, I’ll show you:

The formula looks like typical lotion, but it does contain titanium dioxide which is a mineral used for pigment in many cosmetics. Titanium dioxide also occurs in another thing: my chalky physical sunscreens that leave a layer of impossible-to-rub-in white.

So that’s the secret of this “miracle”: it contains titanium dioxide pigment which makes your skin temporarily chalky with it. Whitening isn’t quite the word. I mean my skin isn’t lighter. It just appears to have a white film over it. Similar to wearing a toupee: the illusion of having hair doesn’t actually make you have hair. While the effect of the cream is “whitening” it’s that weird pasty chalk that is temporary at best. Very much like those “brightening” and “whitening” makeup that those old school Korean ladies push on me when I go shopping.

At least this cream was only $5 at the sample sale. I love you sample sale, for allowing me to pick up experimental products that usually cost $20-$30 that would make me shake my fist. But for $5, I’ll wear it when Angela’s Paleness is around.

Pros: nice packaging, cheap if you get it on sale, nice scent

Cons: film over your body, doesn’t feel ultra moisturizing because of the chalkiness of it, does not turn you into Snow White.

3 Replies to “White on Time – Mizon Crystal Miracle Body Cream Whitening Brightening Moisturizing Milky”

  1. You are hilarious and I love everything about this post, but especially the “You’re not poor, why are you so dark?” line. TRUTH.

    Sometimes I think I subconsciously talked myself into going full AB and full SPF 50+ PA++++ just so that for once in my life I could pass muster to the auntie council :\

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