Worth It? Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream Triple Bright Review

01 Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream ReviewCremorlab is one of those Korean brands that I (Angela) first spotted at an American retailer (Peach & Lily) and that I never see talked about on the few Korean Instagrams that I follow.  The cream we’re about to review is also $72 for a tiny 45ml/1.52 fl. oz.–a side-eye-worthy price when a big appeal of K-beauty is the lower cost compared to Western luxury brands.  In short, take Cremorlab’s K-beauty credentials with a grain of salt.

However, the people demanded that I review the Cremorlab Triple Bright White Bloom Floral Cream.  Seriously.  I polled y’all on Instagram about the next moisturizer that I should use and review, and this one beat out two other creams.

Turns out that Renee and I each have this cream from the Peach & Lily sample sale and are each about 1/3rd to halfway through the jar, so we’re going to review this together. Enjoy!

Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream Review

02 Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream ReviewRenee: With a face full of freckles, I was purrrty stoked to try this cream with its promise of “[a]ctively work[ing] to correct hyperpigmentation while building on the foundation of healthy skin: hydration.”

Angela: Me too! I have sunspots and acne marks, and I recognized some proven brightening ingredients (niacinamide and licorice root extract). But I take brightening claims from moisturizers with a grain of salt.

Renee: I haven’t seen any effects on hyperpigmentation despite using it with some regularity for a few months. The promise of treating hyperpigmentation (often caustic ) AND being hydrating (nourishing for skin) was too good to be true. I have yet to find a cream that can do both. Cremorlab is no exception.  But it’s a decent moisturizer for winter for my combination skin.

Angela: I do enjoy this as a moisturizer. I have dry skin and have been able to use this day and night. I just layer on more cream at night or if my skin is feeling especially parched. Of course, I use it in conjunction with my usual potions (hydrating toners, essences, face oils, sleeping masks), but my winter-slapped skin has really appreciated this cream. It gives rich moisture without the heaviness.

04 Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream ReviewRenee: Agreed. The consistency of the cream is quite nice: airy smooth texture and just thick enough to feel rich without being too greasy and unspreadable. It’s nicely hydrating, and even though I’m pretty sensitive to scents I don’t remember the smell to be overwhelming.

Angela: Several people on Instagram praised the dreamy texture and that’s definitely my favorite thing about it and what distinguishes it from cheaper creams. While it’s absolutely not a dupe for Charlotte’s Magic Cream, I like to pick up the cream the same way as I do Magic Cream: swipe the surface to pick up a small cloud of cream.  It sinks in with a few gentle rubs and leaves a satiny (not shiny) finish and smooth canvas.

However, I pick up hints of plastic in the scent, same as with the Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence. I think the essence and the cream are supposed to be floral scented–the cream’s box even prominently features prunus serrulata (Japanese cherry blossom) extract–but the undertone of plastic takes away from the experience a little.

03 Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream ReviewRenee: The packaging is attractive. Everything is white printed with a delicate silvery font reminiscent of those high-end spa lines. The plastic packaging also makes it easier for travel, but it doesn’t match the high-end marketing and price.

The jar also came with a tiny spatula which was promptly tossed. I hate those mini spatulas because there’s nowhere to put them, and it’s not like they don’t get dirty if you just use them to scoop out cream. Tatcha does a way better job of attaching the spatula to the lid, but aside from that method, spatulas that come with creams are mostly useless. Cremorlab should’ve just used a pump bottle instead.

Angela: It came with a spatula?! You promptly tossed it, and I promptly LOST it. The packaging overall is just OK. On one hand, I like the minimalist, subtly pearlized jar and the efficient compactness. On the other, it lacks the…presence of its peers. My tastes run along the lines of History of Whoo and butts ‘n’ roses though.

Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream: Worth It?

Renee: Overall it’s a decent night cream, but I would definitely pass on the $72 price tag. I’m glad I got ours for a big discount at the sample sale.

Angela: Thanks for assaulting strangers to grab this ::evil grin:: I’m glad I tried it and really LOVE the texture for both day and night, but why would I not rebuy? Because I’m missing the joy factor. At this price, I want the complete package. After all, I could buy the new Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Cream for only $65!

Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream Ingredients

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15 Replies to “Worth It? Cremorlab White Bloom Floral Cream Triple Bright Review”

  1. LOVE the double team review! I have such a hard time finding creams that satisfy the joy factor, as you call it, so I’m extra sad you guys aren’t crazy about this cream. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the May Coop one!!

  2. Tag team review! If this was maybe $50 less, I can imagine it being more appealing. But at such a high price point you’re going to expect miracles!

  3. Thank you. I wanted to try this and the price tag was the only thing stopping me. Now I have TWO people on one blog post telling me it’s not worth dropping the money. I love this blog.

    1. 🤗 Happy to help you spend more wisely. I would have been angry if I had spent full price (and this is from the person who spent $95 on a moisturizer with no regrets, so there *are* some things worth splurging on). I was pretty shocked when I saw the price on Peach & Lily. I thought maybe it’d be $40 or $50 😳

      1. Beautiful stuff! I haven’t tried it except at Anthropologie, but I hope it’s a good product. I mean, the perfect middle ground is that it’s worth it AND you feel ready to move on to something cheaper.

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