The Yeon and the Restless -The Yeon Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence

During one of those ‘daze-of-my-life’ lazy summer days I moseyed on to my favorite tiny cosmetic store in Chinatown, OO35mm and WHOA there was another K-Beauty store right next to it that just opened! This store was called The Yeon and it was new to me! As the world turns I can’t believe I have been buried in work and missing this new shop.

The store was beautifully set up, with white tiles and shiny shelves lined with mysterious products in candy-like packaging. However I’m wary of Asian cosmetics with no English ingredients that cause my 1001 allergies to flare up. After a LOOOOOONG 45-minute dawdle and elimination of everything without an English ingredient label, I picked this beauty up for $37. It promised natural ingredients and lots of herbal/floral/calming natural-sounding extracts:

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