My Milk Mask Brings All the Girls to the Yard – My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask

I’m gonna milk this mask for all the puns it’s worth. You’d be udderly groaning by the time you’re done skimming through this article. Pa dum tsssh.

Anyway this is one of my favorite sheet masks from the “My Scheming” brand. My Scheming what??? I really don’t know. They really didn’t think through using an adjective as a noun I guess. This mask is from the same manufacturer as My Beauty Diary so it’s essentially the same concept: sheet masks soaked in various solutions to treat your various beauty needs:

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Un-BEE-lievable – Savannah Bee Beeswax Hand Cream

While I am on a roll with animal products, I picked up a nicely packaged artisanal-looking pot of expensive hand cream at a health food store. It’s $13 for a 3-4 oz jar.

I found the packaging to be irresistibly cute with the thick gift-like cardboard box, vintage font, and a bee stamp. The ingredients promised all natural beeswax and Royal Jelly (hello Burts Bees competitor) so I HAD to. My hands are so dry from constant washing and hand-sanitizer to keep nasty NYC subway germs at bay. It’s a vicious circle of dryness and washing and more dryness.

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Kracie for You – Kracie (formerly Kanebo) Wakanka Super Moisturizing Essence

Kracie (formerly Kanebo) Wakanka Super Moisturizing Facial Essence is pretty lightweight for being “super moisturizing” and reasonably priced at $30. I was in need of an essence/serum/ treatment between my toner/balancer and my moisturizer so I randomly picked this up and the tester swatch was just the right texture.



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JADEd – freeset Jade Hydro Gel Eye Hole and Eye Patch

For those unfamiliar with the “eye hole” item (in terms of cosmetics,) it’s like a mask for your undereye, except you put it right on your brow bone. I got this for about $18.99 for a jar of 120 sheets which include both undereye and brow bone sheets. Last weekend I was at the Pacific Mall in the Toronto, CN area and picked up some nifty new Asian products! I was happy aside from the fact that those salesgirl practically glued themselves to me as I walked from aisle to aisle. Is this some sort of Chinese business practice?



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