My Milk Mask Brings All the Girls to the Yard – My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask

I’m gonna milk this mask for all the puns it’s worth. You’d be udderly groaning by the time you’re done skimming through this article. Pa dum tsssh.

Anyway this is one of my favorite sheet masks from the “My Scheming” brand. My Scheming what??? I really don’t know. They really didn’t think through using an adjective as a noun I guess. This mask is from the same manufacturer as My Beauty Diary so it’s essentially the same concept: sheet masks soaked in various solutions to treat your various beauty needs:


The ingredients contain the expected natural extracts that you see in all Asian cosmetics. I rather like the idea of milk as a beauty product. It’s supposed to be full of acids which help cell turn over and proteins that make your skin supple.


After using at night my skin feels super radiant and soft in the morning. It’s mildly sticky after using but I just massage the residue into my skin, put on a moisturizing treatment or night mask, and go to bed. By then it’s adequately absorbed so I don’t feel the stickiness as much.

Pros: very nice soothing mask, milk protein seems to work (however subtle) as a softening and brightening regimen, lovely packaging of a little person in a milk bath and the bathtub is reflective. Cutessssss
Cons: not very commonly found, sticky residue, about on par in terms of pricing with My Beauty Diary, which isn’t THAT cheap

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