Black and Gold – Petitfée Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Cue Sam Sparro, I love that freaking song! Anyway I’ve had my eyes (pun intended) on these hydrogel patches since seeing them in all the Asian cosmetics stores. They’re supposed to be popular and awesome right?


The label and ingredients are typical of those Korean hydrogel products. Lots of natural extracts that promise to be good for you. And GOOOOOOLLLLLLD is one of the ingredients (at 0.000000001% or something to that effect.)



I love the little gold sparkles in the Petitfée gold lines. I doubt it’s actually gold but it’s still fun and shiny.

The patches themselves are soaked with serum. And they’re generously cut. The patches are massive such that I feel it’s a waste to market them as “eye patches.” They cover practically my whole cheeks. Sorry for the blurry image. It’s good so you don’t see how ugly I am with no makeup.

Once on, they sting just a little. But that might be because I did a peel with Dr Jart’s peel pass the other day. But that means it works right? There must be something going on through my epidermis!

So far so good. I like these but I have two more eye gel patches jars to go through. The down side to most of these patches is that the container dries out even when you close the lid tightly. Over time I’ve found that my last few patches are dry and have almost no serum on them.

Pros: very soothing, nice extracts in the ingredient list, not terribly expensive at $32 for a container of 30 pairs (60 patches.) You can cut these massive patches in half if you feel especially inspired.

Cons: the last few patches at the bottom of the jar tend to dry out so we will see.

One Reply to “Black and Gold – Petitfée Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch”

  1. Thanks for this review! Someone just posted these on reddit and I knew I had seen them somewhere before. How often do you use these eye patches? How long do you keep them on? OK, I’m off to do some price comparisons…

    PS I wholeheartedly support the Sam Sparro love!

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