How Pro Can You Go? – Proganix Reparative Oil

East coast snowboarding, besides leaving a dent in my ass, has been causing my otherwise-resilient hair to take some damage. So I dipped in to my normally useless Glossybox for this:


It’s basically just a treatment/leave in hair conditioner/anti-frizz oil. I usually don’t care for these too much because I feel that it causes buildup and leaves a silicon film on your hair.

So of course after reading the ingredients, that’s exactly it:

My hair does feel very soft and slick after applying. The oil is a warm musky soft scent, and is very dry so it doesn’t get all greasy.

You put a few drops into wet hair and blow dry like normal. Here’s my hair after the treatment.


Overall it’s neutral. I don’t think it’s gonna help much because it’s just a silicon based oil that gives you the illusion of having slicker, softer hair.
Pros: nice scent, not animal tested (for those who care, ahem,) supposedly organic but how’s silicon organic??
Cons: first ingredient is silicon so you know you’re just getting another anti-frizz agent, doesn’t really TREAT your hair for anything

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