To Whoom It May Concern – History of Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair

Whooohooooo!!!!! I entirely furrrgot that I had this until my lazy ass looked through the drafts for posting on our site and saw this succulent luscious beauty staring back at me. I bought this months prior to leaving to London for the summer, and since this is a fairly thick moisturizing cream, didn’t touch it except for decanting some for Angela.

Behold the History of Whoo In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair

Now that summer’s truly over, I find myself going back to this thick, luscious, creamy goodness that is The History of Whoo. Whoo has never let me down.

The inside is safety sealed with stamped foil. Removing this foil is soooooooo satisfying, and I always start with getting the product by scooping it off the foil first! Who wants to touch that pristine, newly poured, yogurt-smooth surface? So hard to do.

The ingredient list is kinda….intimidating. I’m really lazy, so I let the $75 price tag convince me that all these ingredients are good. Also I had to cross-reference this with my scary-ass 35+ ingredient allergic list, and no allergens for me.

I’ve been googling ingredients online and such, but haven’t been able to glean much info beside the fact that people reviewed this very positively. On the Whoo website there’s some chart about energy and yin and yang which is very Eastern medicine sounding. Reminds me of when I got bit by a dog as a child and a witch-doctor came to extract the rabies using spiderwebs….but I digress. Here’s the chart which is supposed to help you understand:

I haven’t been using it every single night, like I should, because I’m still trying to finish The History of Whoo Honey Ginseng Sleeping Mask from April!

But here is a pic of the smooth gorgeous surface. The texture is creamy, but not too thick. It goes on like a buttery dream and my skin is totally gleaming the next morning. Purrrhaps I should DOUBLE-night-mask with the honey ginseng? They both are very light in scent as well, and not all scary hanbang like most eastern beauty products with ginseng.


Gorgeous packaging, a little product goes a long way (but I still slather my face with a LOT,) beautiful silken texture, nourishing and hydrating


Price tag is $75, and results may not be magical enough to justify the price for some

2 Replies to “To Whoom It May Concern – History of Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair”

  1. Oh man, the texture of this does look and sound amazing 😍 And that packaging! I swear I buy half of my products for their skintertainment value rather than their actual effectiveness 🙈 Not that these products aren’t effective, but I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging, nice scents, and buttery soft texture!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

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