Big Mouth! Goodal Big Pot Moisture Cream Review

Goodal got right to the point in naming this BIG POT Moisture Cream. And why not because the giant mouth on this pot is what earns it a thumbs up in my book–making it easier to use to the end than a tube, bottle, or the TonyMoly Wonder Cheese Firming Cream (also a tub but with a narrower mouth). 

Dive right in!
In fact, I just repurchased the Big Pot after wiping it clean–as clean as one of those infomercial non-stick pans after a pound of shredded cheese has been burned into it. (Who does that?!)

Goodal Big Pot Moisture Cream Review & Ingredients

At $18 for a hefty 300ml, this cream lasted me several months of regular use. It feels like a creamy body butter–lighter than a true body butter but heavier than, say, Josie Maran Whipped Body Butter. 

The scent is sweet and custardy in a non-cloying way–the Diptyque to TonyMoly’s Yankee Candle.

Boasting of shea, cacao seed, and mango seed butters (and assisted by less sexy ingredients such as petrolatum), its moisturizing abilities are on par with any decent body butter. Skin is left soft, shine-free, and non-greasy (but do give it a minute or two to fully sink in).

Looking at the product page on the Club Clio site, I see the Big Pot also advertised for use on the face (and lips!). I haven’t tried that and it seems a bit thick for that purpose, but why the heck not. Let me know if you like it on the face. 0_o

Pros: Big mouth makes it easy to get down to the last bits. Yummy scent.

Cons: None.

4 Replies to “Big Mouth! Goodal Big Pot Moisture Cream Review”

  1. this looks great!! My mom probably would use it on her face – I gave her a lovely coconut body butter and she slapped it on her face. She swears her skin has never been softer and smooth!! hahaa

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