Rubba Dub Dub – Dr. Jart Rubber Mask (Bright Lover)

Sunday nights have always been kind of funny. It’s a gloomy time the weekend is over. It’s stressful because I  have about 1,365,752 hours of work to squeeze into the week. It’s also a time for decompression and reflection. This week, this month, this year, has been difficult.

I met with crushing disappointment as icing on this crap of a week cake. But I fervently prayed that I can relax with ease into the unknown, trusting that all will unfold in the right way at the right time, and that the Universe has my back.

In any case, I will ALWAYS have my fking awesome beauty routine. Because looking good is half the battle. As a cheerer-upper, as you Beauty Queens know, making that reflection smile at you is one of the best things you can do to pick yourself back up.

Behold the Dr. Jart Dermask Rubber Mask (Bright Lover)

This mask is weird. It’s sort of a jelly-like cream in a small container, on top of which you will slap the rubbery (really like a hydrogel two-section sheet mask) and wait for it to absorb. I partly bought it because I thought, hey, rubber mask (bordering on fetishism) may help me absorb even MOAR product. I also loved that creepy ass doll face coming out of that weird yellow latex liquid on the packaging.

As far as the ingredients, red algea extract is the third ingredient so I’m optimistic. It seems to promise some soothing properties. The rest, I don’t know. I’m not a scientist or anything, BUT it doesn’t contain any of my 35+ allergens so I’m ok with shelling out $12.50 for ONE mask.

Below is a pic of the little plastic container which contains the cream/ampoule. It has plenty for one application, and I even rubbed (ha) some on my arms.

The texture of the jelly-like cream is…hehehehe…kinda viscous and snot-like. But it also isn’t sticky. It goes on like a water cream (or like the Tatcha memory cream.)

So after you rub that watery jelly like cream, you slap the rubber sheets on to retain the moisture. Honestly this fits more horribly than a stretched out free career fair T-shirt. Wtf. How are you not supposed to overlap the two sheets?? How big of a face am I supposed to have?  This is probably gimmicky as best, because you can easily just find a nice cream to slather on, and wrap your face with those Daiso mask covers and it would be a better fit, cheaper, and achieves the same effect.


Fun to use, cute packaging, very moisturizing, the ampoule feels nice and has good texture similar to those memory creams


Expensive, gimmicky, same effect using other methods to mask

7 Replies to “Rubba Dub Dub – Dr. Jart Rubber Mask (Bright Lover)”

  1. First, I’m sorry about your disappointment. Hang in there!
    Second, that rubber mask is HILARIOUS. I thought it’d be one of those bona fide rubber masks that you apply and it dries down to a rubber-like material. But to try to apply a SHEET MASK made of rubber? Bad, bad idea.
    Do you know what the Daiso mask covers are made of? I’m always a bit wary of anything beauty at Daiso after seeing all the signs on their shelves warning about lead or whatever Proposition their ceramics may be in violation of at my local store.

    1. Aw thank you my dear!
      The Dr Jart rubber mask is hilarious, but it’s more annoying and ill-fitting =( I was hoping to look like that creepy yellow rubber doll on the cover, but no luck!
      The Daiso silicon mask cover are supposedly made of silicone, which is basically synthetic rubber. I don’t think it has the likelihood to contain lead like in ceramics and dinnerware. I have not seen a lead warning related to the silicone mask at Daiso. But if you’re wary, you can also purchase other silicone masks not made by Daiso. This one is made in Japan:

  2. I thought it would be like a modeling mask where it drys like a rubber imprint of your skin :/ Maybe I’ll try their regular sheet masks

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