Rubba Dub Dub – Dr. Jart Rubber Mask (Bright Lover)

Sunday nights have always been kind of funny. It’s a gloomy time the weekend is over. It’s stressful because I  have about 1,365,752 hours of work to squeeze into the week. It’s also a time for decompression and reflection. This week, this month, this year, has been difficult.

I met with crushing disappointment as icing on this crap of a week cake. But I fervently prayed that I can relax with ease into the unknown, trusting that all will unfold in the right way at the right time, and that the Universe has my back.

In any case, I will ALWAYS have my fking awesome beauty routine. Because looking good is half the battle. As a cheerer-upper, as you Beauty Queens know, making that reflection smile at you is one of the best things you can do to pick yourself back up.

Behold the Dr. Jart Dermask Rubber Mask (Bright Lover)

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Don’t Stop Belifing – Belif First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask

LG Household & Health Care is the mother of the cosmetics dragons: The History of Whoo,  SU:M37, and Belif. So it’s no surprise that I became hooked on Belif without initially knowing the parental origin.

The new Belif aisles at Sephora made me squeal with delight when I first came upon them. Guess the KBeauty trend was really taking off for cosmetics giant Sephora to dedicate a whole aisle to this K brand, at its Times Square location no less. Better belif it, folks!


Belif aisle at Sephora in Times Square, NY

The price points were really good compared to the other stuff at Sephora, which usually run on average $40-50 for an ounce of product. This was $34 for 1.68oz of overnight brightening mask. Of course the addict in me couldn’t resist, behold:


Belif First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask

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