Happy Mew Year! – A Recap of 2016 Furrrvorites

A lot of bad shit happened in 2016. Like, furrreal. But a lot of good shit happened too. As we bid adieu to 2016 and its poopoo platter, please remember more strongly the things that brought us happiness. Such as:

  • This catman who gives a cat a bath WHILE rapping. Is he a wizard? A rapper? A w-rapper?
  • New technology in genetics means we are SO CLOSE to the fountain of youth, or Gattaca or Sharktopus, please thank you.
  • Angela and Renee got to gallivant in England and France and hoarded stuphs!
  • Also, any year spent in the company of healthy loved ones, including Miss Roxy, can be considered a good year.

Here we are on a Manhattan rooftop wishing you a Happy 2017! May this year be the right time for your endeavors to be met with success and all your wishes to finally arrive!

Other stuphs that brought Angela and I much happiness in 2016:

Our Beauty Favorites Roundup for 2016


  1. My first experimentation with lip fillers. While my lips blew up like rafts, the experiment itself made me happy to realize that altering your looks (not because of some self-esteem issue but from being easily bored) can be wonderfully dramatic yet temporary.
  2. Vitamin E can save your entire face! Take it from this cat-scratched lady, me, Renee.
  3. Function of Beauty customized shampoo and conditioner! Angela reviewed them first but me and my parched hair have been benefiting from them massively.
  4. This sunscreen saved me in Greece. My goals for the summer 2017 is to make a sunscreen cushion to bring everywhere!
  5. This Voloom which is magical and I recommend it to everyone I know, including Angela and her sister. Even my friends in England bought them. I should really get kickbacks from this brand. Their marketing kinda sucks because the girl’ hairdos look like puffy nests. BUT it actually works without having to tease & damage your hair. As a former beauty pageant girl I know big hair. I love this damn thing. Also, cheapo crimpers do NOT have the same effect, as Angela has found out.


  1. Brow tattoos were life changing. My brow routine went from 8-10 mins of careful shading with powder and a brush to #iwokeuplikethis.
  2. Voloom! Also life changing. Ever since Renee introduced me to this waffle iron/hair tool, I’ve used this regularly on my limp straight hair to turn the volume up to 11! Pricey at $130(!) but worth every penny. I’m digging the Petite version as more compact for travel but just as good as the original.
  3. Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof was my go-to mascara. Holds a curl all day like a bodybuilder, jet black, and adds a little length with fibers.
  4. My favorite post to write was this mega-review of Gudetama sheet masks because I got to CRACK a million YOLKS. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.
  5. My favorite post to read was Renee’s poopular review of a Japanese nightingale poop maskI don’t want you to buy it (talk about flushing money down the toilet), but one poo-rusal of her post will leave you in a fit of giggles. Sh*ts & giggles.
Renee and Angela struggle to look like natural bloggers with candid joyous holiday moments, but end up looking like a lesbian couple (not that there’s anything wrong with lesbians. Hi Flo & Mel & other lesbians I know)
Angela cozies up to Miss Rox and is met with a cold shoulder. This is Renee’s other favorite moment of 2016
Yassss….Roxy lubs Maman moar

Hope everyone has an amazing new year. May your value, beauty, and worthiness be recognized without question, and may the Universe bring you complete abundance this year.

P.S. Here were your favorites from Instagram.  We gather that you enjoy cute stickerz and salacious Gudetama lipsticks.


6 Replies to “Happy Mew Year! – A Recap of 2016 Furrrvorites”

  1. Great post & amazing photos 🙂 I’m searching for a good sunscreen so I’ll totally check this the face shop sunscreen, I hope it’ll work for me too 🙂

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