Cat Scratch Fever – Jason Vitamin E 32,000 IU Extra Strength Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment

What’s love without a little PAIN? So I got into a little cat fight. By a little I mean my face was mauled. By cat fight I mean, cat fight.

Miss Roxy, startled from the sound of a mocking cucaracha or what-have-you, launched from the bed full force one night at 3AM and took tiny pieces of my facial skin in her back claws. Those chubby, stout toes apparently can still stretch out evil mean claws.

I was very upset (but not at her…oh the forgiveness of a mother) at the possibility of looking like Scarface forever. This pic below was 24 hours after I cleaned the wound and the blood had coagulated. I should’ve taken the initial zombie pic with sticky blood running down my face.

Behold Jason Vitamin E 32,000 i.u oil to the rescue:


I picked this up instead of the normal Bio Oil because I ran out and this promise of 32,000 i.u (stands for international unit, a measurement of drugs and vitamins. It’s a unit os something that produces a particular biological effect agreed upon as an international standard.) Tells you nothing about this measurement. Basically it just makes it sound like A LOT of Vitamin E.

There is only one ingredient: Tocopheryl Acetate. This is the Vitamin E. The “acetate” part is supposed to help provide a less acidic product with a longer shelf life.

The solution is an extremely extremely sticky thick clear light yellow liquid. It’s the texture of molasses or caramel. I only run my fingers around the rim to pick up enough of a layer for application. There is a white topper below the screw cap (see picture) to help with the mess. It’s not THAT messy if you just use a little bit. One positive note is that I once knocked the bottle over but because the liquid is so thick , very little had time to spill out.

After stopping my silent scream and dabbing the blood that was running out of the deep scratches all around my eyes, I surveyed the damage. Even after the wound stopped running blood, it wasn’t quite time to apply ANYTHING on. People advise to put vaseline and Neosporin and all that crap on. I think it’s initially good to dab the wound with something that’s antimicrobial but I had no Neosporin. Those things also keep the wound wet which is not good for initial healing. Yes you want that dry scab to form!

So after the gash dried out, I avoided all contact with water on the wound. I washed around the area with soap and kinda dabbed warm water on the actual scratches. Once I saw that the scab was formed, I VERY GENTLY applied a thin layer of the Jason Oil over it.

I religiously used this Jason Vitamin E oil every day, twice a day. I was making sure to apply it on top of the healing scab without too much rubbing or pressure. Just wanted to provide those molecules for skin to rebuild.

See, after a week, the redness was gone. The scabs fell off by themselves without ANY picking. I was soooo careful to just dab dab dab the oil before bed and after washing my face with GENTLE soap. This whole week went by without any sheet masking and the 10+ Korean skin care step. Just SK-II all over the face, light moisturizer, and tons of Vitamin E oil on the scratches.

By the second week, you can see that the scratches have turned into light pink raised lines. They’re still noticeable but mostly very subtle and no way as scary as what I thought my scars were going to turn into.

So while I never hope anyone gets shanked in the face, this is what you can do to salvage your skin from a series of unfortunate gashes. By summer time, I would also cover my face with a giant, very fobby, umbrella to keep the scars from turning dark. Whew. That was a close call by Miss Rox.


This Vitamin E oil is purely Vitamin E and seems to promote really fast healing and fading of a pretty gnarly scratch. Pretty sticky and thick so it stays on during the night.


Some people might not like the ultra sticky texture, especially if you apply during the day time. It looks like a big Vaseline glob on your face. Relatively expensive at $13.99 for 1 oz jar.

5 Replies to “Cat Scratch Fever – Jason Vitamin E 32,000 IU Extra Strength Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment”

  1. Argh, your poor face! The dangers of cat motherhood, man.

    Also, this review is amazing! I love that it’s of a functional product and clearly shows the progress.

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