It’s About Time…Evolution – Missha Product Reviews

We felt like true beauty bloggers when Catherine from PR for Missha reached out to seek our opinion on a few of Missha products. That’s what I AM full of anyway, opinions! The more unqualified I am, the stronger my opinion, kekeke.

Missha is one of my (Renee’s) gateway products into KBeauty. When the BB Cream craze was barely hinted at stateside, I searched high and low in every Asian mall, supermarket, and beauty shop for the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. This was back when the only shades available were #21, 23, and if you looked really hard, 27.  Now KBeauty is so mainstream, you can even get Missha at Target! It was one of the best BB creams I used in terms of natural coverage and high SPF, except that I was highly allergic to whatever sunscreen chemical was in it, and ended up looking like the elephant man.

Anyway Catherine kindly selected a couple of items for us to honestly review. I had her pick for me, indicating that I am concerned about aging and pigmentation.

With no further ado, Roxy and I purrresent to you our views:

Miss Roxy can be very hard to please.

Renee’s First Product: Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence Mask

This pretty fahncy mask is supposed to be a very solid picker upper. I used it right after a night out in a 15-degree snow storm with hopes of thawing & refreshing my face. Disappointed that it wasn’t a hydrogel mask, which usually fits better than fabric sheet masks, I was pleasantly surprised that the fit wasn’t bad at all. The fabric itself is kinda big and billowy, but once applied, it really CLINGS and wraps. You have to fold the edges neatly around your face, but after a few seconds of application and a chance to be heated by your face, it fits like a charm.


However, I hated the smell! It’s overly fragrant. I am really sensitive to scents, so it may not bother some people, but I tore off the mask midway, because I couldn’t stand the oppressive matronly fragrance wafting towards my nose.

I don’t know anything about the Blue Essence or using ONLY this mask as a substitute for my normal 10-step routine, but I did notice firmness and some temporary brightness after putting the mask on, despite it being on my face for only about 7 minutes. It seems to be a powerful hydrating and brightening serum mask. If that weird artificial fragrance wasn’t there, I would give it another try.

Renee’s Second Item: Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit  Ampoule

My first question was what is a “Borabit”? It sounds like a character from a J.R.R Tolkien novel, or some mythical half boar half rabbit creature…that has…really…nice…skin? The name isn’t explained anywhere. I want to know damnit!

The dizzying list of ingredients is impressive. But upon further research, I will refer you to Fiddy’s discovery of what this means. In short, ingredients that constitute less than 1% can be listed in any order. You can conclude for yourself whether 1/1000 of a percent of 1,000 ingredients have an effect on your skin or not. Any chemists here, halp?

I do like the consistency of the serum, and it goes on lightly and absorbs quickly. However, there’s silica in it. I feel that silica is a cheat ingredient to make products feel slicker and your face smoother than attributable to actual results.

Overall, after a week of using the serum, I don’t notice a huge difference though my skin tone has been more even and more fair lately. Could it also be the winter? According to Skinandtonic’s review the Borabit is a decent competitor against the pricey Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair which my mom loves. Perhaps my 30s skin doesn’t know it or need it yet, but at this time, I would skip paying $49. But I do appreciate Missha and Catherine for allowing us the latitude to conclude honestly.

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