Holding the Line: Neogen Long-Lasting Eyeliner Coating Serum Review

Neogen is well known for its skincare (ex: wine gauze pads and cleansing sticks), so I was surprised to spot a makeup item among the Neogen items at Skinfood in Flushing (Queens, NY).

Fine, Neogen Code9 Long-Lasting Eyeliner Coating Serum is pseudo skincare because it’s “serum,” but seriously, just use it as a clear topcoat to seal eyeliner into place.  Something my hooded eyes could really benefit from.


It’s marketed for use on brows and lashes as well, but I’ve only ever applied it over eyeliner.  Specifically, the gawgeous cream liner you spy in this post: Tarte Fairy Wings.

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This serum is optimized for eyeliner anyway with its soft brush and liquidy formula.  Just paint on and let dry!  Because it’s a bit runny and takes a while to dry, I look down for 30 seconds afterward just to be safe.

03-neogen-long-lasting-eyeliner-coating-serum-reviewOnce dry, it’s imperceptible yet manages to extend the wear of the Tarte liner from 2 hours or less (not kidding) to 10-12 hours!

Long ago, I tried a couple of different eyeliner sealers that worked well but left a shiny finish.  I much prefer Neogen’s version, which doesn’t affect the eyeliner’s matte finish and feels weightless.

Freshly applied:

04-neogen-long-lasting-eyeliner-coating-serum-reviewDried down:

05-neogen-long-lasting-eyeliner-coating-serum-reviewA bunch of skincare-ish ingredients are in this, but I have doubts about whether this really does anything for your skin or lashes.

01-neogen-long-lasting-eyeliner-coating-serum-review Full list of ingredients:

06-neogen-long-lasting-eyeliner-coating-serum-ingredientsIn the end, it’s worth a try if you have trouble keeping eyeliner on.  Ultimately, I stopped using it because lazy: it’s an extra step that I only needed when I wore the purple Tarte liner, which wasn’t often because purple doesn’t exactly scream “I haz law degree.”  I reverted to using my trusty liquid eyeliners (Chacott and Clio) that don’t need help to last all day.

07-neogen-long-lasting-eyeliner-coating-serum-reviewPros: Makes eyeliner last waaaaay longer.  Doesn’t change eyeliner’s finish.

Cons: Takes a while to dry.

4 Replies to “Holding the Line: Neogen Long-Lasting Eyeliner Coating Serum Review”

  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of a product like this. I have the same hooded eye problem and I’ve tried tons of eyeliners. Is it actually also a lash growing product then? I’m a little scared of using those. Thanks for the introduction of this product! 🙂

    1. I don’t know if it actually grows lashes. I recognize some common “lash-conditioning” ingredients like panthenol but not any weird/controversial lash-growing ingredients. (Btw, I’ve posted about bimatoprost (Latisse) before and it really is awesome. I need to pick up more.)

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