An Exercise in Fruitility? Saborino Morning Mask Review – Pomegranate & Mixed Berry

A sheet mask that works in 60 seconds? I can feel your eyes rolling to the side.

If you’ve kept in the Jbeauty (fruit) loop, then you’ve probably noticed the Saborino Morning Mask. People have gone bananas for it judging by the line’s expansion into a gazillion different flavors, night masks, and skin care. They usually come in wet-wipe packaging with about 30 masks. Tbh, those Costco-worthy packages get tedious to work through, so I always resisted trying them until I spotted this more ap-peeling pack of just 5.

“Skinfood.” No frootz were harmed in the making of this picture. These are honeydew and peach cleansing balms and banana sleeping mask.

Bonus: it was on sale for $5 at Marukai (a Japanese market) in LA. Berry good deal because $1 per sheet is the max I’m willing to spend on a mask that’s meant to only stay on for 60 seconds! Online, you can find this at Yamibuy ($6) and Kirei Station ($12). Of course, the Costco size is a better value.

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It’s About Time…Evolution – Missha Product Reviews

We felt like true beauty bloggers when Catherine from PR for Missha reached out to seek our opinion on a few of Missha products. That’s what I AM full of anyway, opinions! The more unqualified I am, the stronger my opinion, kekeke.

Missha is one of my (Renee’s) gateway products into KBeauty. When the BB Cream craze was barely hinted at stateside, I searched high and low in every Asian mall, supermarket, and beauty shop for the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. This was back when the only shades available were #21, 23, and if you looked really hard, 27.  Now KBeauty is so mainstream, you can even get Missha at Target! It was one of the best BB creams I used in terms of natural coverage and high SPF, except that I was highly allergic to whatever sunscreen chemical was in it, and ended up looking like the elephant man.

Anyway Catherine kindly selected a couple of items for us to honestly review. I had her pick for me, indicating that I am concerned about aging and pigmentation.

With no further ado, Roxy and I purrresent to you our views:

Miss Roxy can be very hard to please.

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OVOLYMPICS: Reviews of Gudetama x Holika Holika, Narikiri, & My Scheming Sheet Masks

01 Gudetama Sheet Mask Review ComparisonGiven K-beauty’s knack for collaborations with cute cartoons and mascots, it was only a matter of when, not oeuf, a Gudetama collaboration would happen.

Well Holika Holika fulfilled this egg-lover’s dream in May with a skincare and makeup collection featuring everyone’s favorite lazy, apathetic egg.  I seriously can’t get un oeuf of my Gudies.

And THEN I discovered that there were also Gudetama sheet masks from Japan and Taiwan (by My Scheming no less!)  Apparently, un oeuf is not un oeuf when it comes to milking a cash cow.

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Happy Mudder’s Day: My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack Review

01 My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack ReviewI’m new to this 2-step masking business.  So far, I’ve only tried an acid-soaked jumbo Q-tip+sheet mask (link to Fiddy Snails’ review) and a serum+sheet mask (link to Renee’s review).  The lazy me can barely bother to do a weekly sheet mask and would rather crawl under a bacon blanket than do an extra step.

But the lazy me also likes that these are basically pre-configured routines.  Thank you, Sheet Mask Conglomerate, for forcing reminding me that I should really follow an acid treatment or a drying mud mask with a comforting sheet mask instead of pulling a Gudetama.

After noticing some small irritation bumps developing on my forehead and cheeks, I pulled out the My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack, comprised of a mung bean (!) mud mask and a glacier water sheet mask.  (A box of 4 is $13.49 on Amazon and $15.50 on Beauteque.)

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Wetting Zoo: SNP Face Art Mask-Rabbit Whitening & Cat Wrinkle Review

We were browsing at New Kam Man in Chinatown (NY) last weekend when–of course–this cat mask by SNP caught our eye. Thankfully, because I’m overloaded with sheet masks as it is, they were available individually, so I picked up one along with a rabbit mask ($3.25 or $3.50 apiece).

SNP Rabbit Whitening Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Review 01
The salty one in the middle is not for sale.

These were part of a (modest) haul from oo35mm and New Kam Man.  Unh, I love NY for Asian beauty shopping.  (But not as much as I love LA! Renee and I are going to break the bank when we’re there together during Christmas. 😉 Just you watch…)

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The Essence of Wetness: Dermactin-TS Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Review

01 Dermactin-TS Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Review

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.  –Derek Zoolander

From the Marshall’s sheet mask haul comes the Dermactin-TS Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask. Made in Korea but aimed at the American market (all-English packaging, branding resembles knockoff StriVectin), this mask had several intriguing qualities that spurred me to buy it: Continue reading “The Essence of Wetness: Dermactin-TS Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Review”

Dewin’ It – Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Sheet Mask

Don’t mind if I ‘dew’ another sheet mask review. I have bazillions of them in the fridge and it’s almost part of my nightly routine now that I’m traveling and being dehydrated so much. During the last LA trip, I dropped 40 bones on a box of 10 sheet masks thanks to this beckoning sign advertising the NEW dew product:

It’s really just like any other sheet mask. I don’t know what’s the deal with the popular new black fabric but maybe if I read Korean perhaps I can understand any claims regarding the virtues of the black mask (cue Rachel Dolezal).

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Bee Mine – Ciel Bijou Bee Venom Maskpack

I don’t remember when A and I started our beauty care package but it is a fabulous ad-hoc friendship subscription service that doesn’t charge a subscription fee AND ultra exclusive to just two members. It’s full of the latest (or classic) beauty items curated by two of the hottest self-crowned beauty queens on the East Coast.

We call it…THE ROX BOX. I got mine today:

I was immediately drawn to the mask with kittens on the cover, and this “white power” face essence, but more on that later…

My first product to review out of the box was the mask with a Victorian-themed Marie Antoinette figure on the cover:
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