Bee Mine – Ciel Bijou Bee Venom Maskpack

I don’t remember when A and I started our beauty care package but it is a fabulous ad-hoc friendship subscription service that doesn’t charge a subscription fee AND ultra exclusive to just two members. It’s full of the latest (or classic) beauty items curated by two of the hottest self-crowned beauty queens on the East Coast.

We call it…THE ROX BOX. I got mine today:

I was immediately drawn to the mask with kittens on the cover, and this “white power” face essence, but more on that later…

My first product to review out of the box was the mask with a Victorian-themed Marie Antoinette figure on the cover:

It’s ironic that the theme is French, the mask is a “product of Japan,” and it is “Made in Korea.” How is a product from one country but made in another?

Here’s the back of the package which doesn’t really tell you the ingredients. I guess it contains bee venom? Or actual bees?

Update from Angela: The ingredients (typed from here) are: Water, PG, BG, glycerin, ethanol, bee venom, carbomycin, allantoin, TEA, PEG-40ย castor oil, EDTA-2Na, methylparaben, flavor [I think flavor means fragrance].

Bee venom, because of its inflammatory nature, is supposed to plump. Applied topically, I’m not sure that it would have the same effect as a bee sting.

The mask smells quite nice…it borders on perfumy but ok for my tolerance levels. It’s soaked in plenty of serum but there’s not a whole lot in the package after you remove the sheet mask.

The cotton sheet itself is thick and retains moisture well after the 20 minute window. There’s some tingling sensation during application but not enough to be intolerable. It’s very softening and moisturizing.

Pros: cute packaging, nice scent, softening

Cons: mask doesn’t fit very well but that’s to be expected from most cotton sheet masks

8 Replies to “Bee Mine – Ciel Bijou Bee Venom Maskpack”

      1. Oh good.

        By the way. Do you think of the A-Sol as “Natural BHA” “Skin Returning A-Sol,” “Natural BHA Skin” “Returning A-Sol,” or…?

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