Wetting Zoo: SNP Face Art Mask-Rabbit Whitening & Cat Wrinkle Review

We were browsing at New Kam Man in Chinatown (NY) last weekend when–of course–this cat mask by SNP caught our eye. Thankfully, because I’m overloaded with sheet masks as it is, they were available individually, so I picked up one along with a rabbit mask ($3.25 or $3.50 apiece).

SNP Rabbit Whitening Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Review 01
The salty one in the middle is not for sale.

These were part of a (modest) haul from oo35mm and New Kam Man.  Unh, I love NY for Asian beauty shopping.  (But not as much as I love LA! Renee and I are going to break the bank when we’re there together during Christmas. 😉 Just you watch…)

SNP Rabbit Whitening Cat Wrinkle Sheet Mask Review 02
Hauls combined with Rox Box gifts from Renee. My ninja bag’s already dirty by now ::sigh::

The cartoon print on the SNP masks are only on the lower half and sides (exactly as shown below). The masks each have 25 ml of essence and boast of 850 mg of lime fruit water (the third ingredient after water and glycerin). The full ingredients are at the bottom of this post, but FYI, they contain alcohol (if you avoid it).   The suggested wear time is 10-20 mins.

SNP Rabbit Whitening Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Review 03The Rabbit Whitening and Cat Wrinkle flavors have more similarities than differences. They both have:

  • Medium-viscosity, clear essence that leaves a slightly sticky feel
  • Plenty of essence, enough that it drips as you’re unfolding the mask and drips down your neck and chest; there’s even enough to smear all over the next day.  After 20 mins., the mask beings to dry out and you can feel the fabric stick as you peel it off
  • Fairly thick fabric that adheres well; the top half feels smoother than the printed bottom half despite the mask being all one piece
  • Good fits for a small face, with small eye holes
  • Prints that are either cute or creepy–depending on your P.O.V.  I started off thinking that they were cute (especially after my traumatic experience with one that was not), but the more I looked at them, the creepier it seemed for my mouth to supplant the animals’

SNP Rabbit Whitening Face Art Mask ReviewMan, do I look like a stone-cold serial killer in these pics.  Sorry, but looking attractive and friendly while sheet-masking is challenging.SNP Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask ReviewThe Rabbit Whitening mask is intended to brighten, soften, and hydrate.  The lime or maybe citrus scent was barely noticeable (I had to stick my nose in the package).  After 20 minutes, my skin was indeed brighter, plumped up, and smooth.

The Cat Wrinkle mask is intended to tighten and firm.  Faintly perfumed like powder, it also produced solid results: hydrated, plumped-up skin that looked a little tighter and smoother (although I have no objective way to measure that).

As with most masks, the effects disappeared within a day, but despite the high price, I’d still recommend these as a fun gift–especially for those new to AB or into cutesy skincare.
Pros: Solid results. Cute one-offs to gift or try for a lark.

Cons: Too expensive for regular use. Fabric is a little stiff.  Still not sure whether they’re cute or creepy.

SNP Rabbit Whitening Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Ingredients

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