Hit or Missha? Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Blue Essence and Cream Review

The lure of immortal youth was too good to pass up.  Yeah, yeah, it’s marketing–but irresistible nonetheless.

01-missha-time-revolution-immortal-youth-blue-essence-and-cream-reviewI’ve been regularly using two items from Missha’s Time Revolution Immortal Youth line: the Blue Essence and the Cream ($55 and $65, respectively–both courtesy of Missha).  While they haven’t turned me into Benjamin Button, they have protected my skin–which is already prone to flaking due to tretinoin and natural dryness–from the parched winter air.

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It’s About Time…Evolution – Missha Product Reviews

We felt like true beauty bloggers when Catherine from PR for Missha reached out to seek our opinion on a few of Missha products. That’s what I AM full of anyway, opinions! The more unqualified I am, the stronger my opinion, kekeke.

Missha is one of my (Renee’s) gateway products into KBeauty. When the BB Cream craze was barely hinted at stateside, I searched high and low in every Asian mall, supermarket, and beauty shop for the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. This was back when the only shades available were #21, 23, and if you looked really hard, 27.  Now KBeauty is so mainstream, you can even get Missha at Target! It was one of the best BB creams I used in terms of natural coverage and high SPF, except that I was highly allergic to whatever sunscreen chemical was in it, and ended up looking like the elephant man.

Anyway Catherine kindly selected a couple of items for us to honestly review. I had her pick for me, indicating that I am concerned about aging and pigmentation.

With no further ado, Roxy and I purrresent to you our views:

Miss Roxy can be very hard to please.

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Seoulmates? Pink Seoul K-beauty Subscription Box Review

01 Pink Seoul ReviewPink Seoul is a newcomer on the K-beauty subscription box scene. Intrigued by some of their distinguishing features (which I’ll get into below), we accepted a box to review courtesy of Pink Seoul. Was I Seoul-ed or do I still need to Pink about it?

What Makes Pink Seoul Different from Other K-Beauty Subscription Boxes?

Pink Seoul offers 3 types of subscription boxes: the regular box is $39.95 every 2 months, the Plus box is recommended for ages 35+ and $49.95 every 2 months, and the Mask box is $29.95 monthly.  Read more about the differences here.  Free shipping to all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands; extra for other destinations.  Use code FRIENDS10 for 10% off your first box. Continue reading “Seoulmates? Pink Seoul K-beauty Subscription Box Review”

Eastern Promises Part 2: Angela’s Skincare Routines–August 2015

Read Part 1–Translating Between the Asian and Western Skincare Routine–here.

Broken down into components of CLEANSE, TONE, TREAT, MOISTURIZE, the routines in this post list what I’m currently using the majority of the time and why (and also link to my reviews if there is one).

I do occasionally use something else in my stash just because I feel like it or am bored. There are two exceptions: (1) When I review skincare provided for free by a company, I test that item continuously so that you can be sure my opinion isn’t compromised by lax testing. (2) I want/need to use Shark Sauce and my PocketDerm prescription (referral link) consistently–2x/day and 1x/day respectively.

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Koh Gen DO! – In CUSHION form 

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation SPF 15 Cushion is my new magic makeup. What’s that you say? They don’t make cushions? Well, I DO, beeches! Behold the KGD Magic Cushion. Inside a Laneige case. I will explain:

I blew $30 on the Laneige BB Cushion while ignoring the fact that it contains Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (octinoxate) in abundance for that lovely SPF 50+. Of course I broke out like it was the zombie apocalypse.
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Magic: The Gathering (of Makeup): DIY Missha Magic Cushion Review + Tutorial

01 DIY Custom Cushion Compact TutorialI love cushion compacts and I love customized things, so a DIY cushion compact is just up my alley. A DIY cushion is also a great solution for the dearth of cushion compacts for deeper skin tones and the general dearth of cushion versions of color makeup (highlighter, blush, bronzer).

A’Pieu and Missha actually have empty cushion compacts made for this purpose. I’ve seen some other DIY tutorials involving kitchen sponges, stamp/finger-wetting sponges, and regular makeup sponges. But the Missha Magic Cushion is so cheap ($10-13) that I figured I may as well just buy one that’s intended specifically for this purpose.

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