Magic: The Gathering (of Makeup): DIY Missha Magic Cushion Review + Tutorial

01 DIY Custom Cushion Compact TutorialI love cushion compacts and I love customized things, so a DIY cushion compact is just up my alley. A DIY cushion is also a great solution for the dearth of cushion compacts for deeper skin tones and the general dearth of cushion versions of color makeup (highlighter, blush, bronzer).

A’Pieu and Missha actually have empty cushion compacts made for this purpose. I’ve seen some other DIY tutorials involving kitchen sponges, stamp/finger-wetting sponges, and regular makeup sponges. But the Missha Magic Cushion is so cheap ($10-13) that I figured I may as well just buy one that’s intended specifically for this purpose.

01 Missha Magic Cushion Review TutorialIt comes with everything you need: a mirrored cushion compact, an empty cushion, and an applicator sponge. There are also refill cushions and applicators available.

02 Missha Magic Cushion DirectionsDirections (gathered from blogs and websites since I can’t read Korean):

(1) Fill up 1/3rd of the empty well with your choice of liquid makeup. The diagram shows a packet of Missha UV Cushion Base being used, but you can use any makeup you’d like.

(2) Insert the cushion.

(3) Press the cushion into place and let it absorb the makeup.

(4) Add more makeup on top so that the entire cushion is saturated with makeup.

My goal: a cushion highlighter that imbues that clear, transparent, watery (not oily), moist glow a la Cheon Song Yi. I didn’t want to create just another cushion compact that serves as a foundation because I have plenty of those already; I wanted something that I couldn’t buy.

Here’s what I mixed up [edit: beware that mixing products can affect the longevity and preservation system of the products from dilution of preservatives or other changes.  The cushion I made here had no signs of mold or mildew even after 10 months, but I’m willing to take chances on my own skin.  Mix with caution.]:

03 Missha Magic Cushion Review Tutorial

  • Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Light (full review coming finally reviewed here)
  • Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #3 Transparent (full review coming)
  • Dr. Jart+ BB Dis-a-pore Beauty Balm (meh)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (review here)

04 Dr Jart+ BB Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Light Etude House NymHonestly, I might have been able to get away with using just the Etude House volumer, but I added the colored makeup products for some very light coverage because I planned to use this cushion alone as opposed to on top of my foundation. (The Etude House is sort of oily and causes my foundation to wear off prematurely, so I don’t like to apply it on top of foundation. I do love the glowy effect it creates, but I have trouble with applying too much, which made it the perfect candidate/primary ingredient for my DIY cushion.)

I started off with a mix of the Etude House volumer and the Dr. Jart BB cream (I had a sample that I wasn’t going to use otherwise). Then I added some of the Glossier tint, which has a dewy finish and thinned out the mixture considerably. I also added some of Charlotte’s Magic Cream for moisture (I have dry skin so why not). I kept adding bits of this and that, here and there, until it looked like the mixture filled up 1/3rd of the case. By this point, I felt intoxicated with power, like how Dr. Frankenstein must have felt.

05 Missha Magic Cushion Review TutorialWell I totally underestimated how much makeup I needed. After I stuffed the cushion in, a large portion of the cushion was clearly untouched by the makeup, so I added more of my mix onto the top of the cushion. Finally, it looked like a real cushion!

06 Missha Magic Cushion Review TutorialThe final result: a watery shiny glow without much coverage.
07 Missha Magic Cushion Review TutorialThe glow is visible on my cheekbone here (photo taken with flash):

08 Missha Magic Cushion Review TutorialIn conclusion, the Missha Magic Cushion was a huge success and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I created the cushion highlighter that I set out to create. (The glow doesn’t last all day, unfortunately, which I blame on the shortcomings of the Etude House volumer.)

Have you ever DIY’ed your own cushion? What kind of cushion would you make if you could create any kind you wanted?

Update: Check out my DIY cushion blush tutorial and Renee’s DIY cushion experience.

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17 Replies to “Magic: The Gathering (of Makeup): DIY Missha Magic Cushion Review + Tutorial”

  1. This is awesome! I like cushion applicators and cases but the colors don’t work for me, and I never thought about creating my own personal highlighting cushion. Now I can finally buy one of the Missha magic cushions…

      1. Absolutely! I’m going to need more ampoule during their next 30% off sale so now I know what will get me over the free shipping threshold 🙂

  2. Err ….. what about preservatives? You cannot rely on the ones in the products, you just diluted them, messed with the pH and other aspects of the formulation/ stability.

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